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Would you rather be peaceful or right?

This is something that Wayne Dyer often says on his radio interviews on During conversations and arguments we quickly take sides and vigorously defend our ideas. We are right and they are wrong. But clinging to the concept of ‘being right’ means we also cling to the concept of ‘being wrong’. We put ourselves in an endless loop of suffering.

There is an easy technique to figure out if you are struggling to be right. When you are having a conversation, take a moment and listen with your heart. Just let the wisdom in your heart interpret the words the other person is speaking. Through this filter you can quickly see any verbal attack as a cry of pain. Your heart can quickly see that you are an independent spirit and you do not need the agreement of another person to be a valuable being, you are a slice of the Divine with cherries on top. Your heart can also see that the other person is also equally valuable. Indeed, your heart also has the wisdom to know that the Universe is large enough to contain all opinions and beliefs simultaneously with zero conflict.

Heart listening is a tremendous practice in any conversation. It opens the doors to understanding and resolution. You will find that you naturally listen more than talk. When you talk, it is relevant, clear and inclusive. You begin to hear, not just the words the other person is using but their true message, you hear their need. People automatically relax when they are listened to on such a deep level. They feel respected, and what’s more you have a deeper respect for yourself.

When you tune into what your heart has to say to you, you realize you no longer have to be wrong or right. You can have your opinions, choices and preferences without needing to have them, or you, be accepted by one other person. You begin to see your own infinite value and limitless potential. You become more of your true essence in a way that opens the door for everyone to do the same. Your light does not diminish anyone, but it becomes a source of inspiration to the world.

Louise Hay Feet



I love feet. And I love Louise Hay. It is safe to say that I also love Louise Hay’s feet. I would love to rub those feet and give them a really wonderful reflexology session.

This post is all about loving what is. And that is also what Louise Hay is all about. My husband challenged me to write a post where I do not edit or delete a word as I go. It is an act of embracing the inner critic, or inner editor, that slows down the fluid movement of my brain to computer discourse. The conversation must continue and I must embrace all my words, whether they are eloquent or clumsy. This is also what Louise teaches, to embrace all the parts of yourself whether they are someone else’s idea of perfect or not.

Louise is a queen of affirmations. She wrote “You Can Heal Your Life” which was a best seller for several weeks after she appeared on Oprah. I’m guessing it was written in the 80s or so, i can’t stop writing now to check, 🙂 “You Can Heal Your Life” is a transformative book as it goes through every aspect of your life and systematically disables your ability to whine and complain. She teaches us that we are powerfully in control of our lives and bodies and ultimately responsible for everything that happens to us. This might seem a tad unfair, but wait!, with great responsibility comes great power. When you fully claim every experience as one you have manifested through your thoughts and repetitive actions, you gain the power to truly change your life.

More than just one book, Louise created a publishing company that is one of the leading companies for holistic content. Hay House has heavy hitting authors like Wayne Dyer, Denise Linn, Cheryl Richardson, and even the Dalai Lama. Her influence in the world is huge and she has helped many, many people, including me.

Her work is really a foundation of what I do in my practice. I often talk with my clients about the mental and emotional causes of their physical troubles and even prescribe affirmations. I combine affirmations into healing mediations at the end of a session. I really know that this stuff works and I am always in awe of the power our words have. I use affirmations all the time, and I now have fallen in love with writing them on my bathroom mirror with dry erase markers.

But back to those lovely feet! A woman as amazing as Louise Hay really deserves to put her feet up and be pampered. I am thrilled by the idea of working on such amazing feet. Wouldn’t it be a hoot to give Louise an affirmation as home work? I wonder, would she relax and let me move her feet around? Often people who are helpful do all the stretches and ankle rotations for me. I start moving their foot in a circle and off they go! doing all the circles. But I think that perhaps Louise would be very good at receiving and would let me stretch her feet.

I envision lovely manicured toenails in bubblegum pick polish with white daisies painted on. I would think that Louise loves her feet and likes to get pedicures. I also think that her feet would be no stranger to walking barefoot on the garden path or freshly mown grass. Maybe she would have had callouses on the edge of the ball of her foot once, protecting her heart, but probably not anymore. She has done a lot of healing work and has released so much childhood pain. I think she might have a prominent big toe that is tapered, and maybe a longish second toe, the wisdom toe. I would imagine that she would have wrinkles on the bottom of her feet that are parallel with her toes, these are energy lines and are signals of a great healer. I think she would like my ‘Sweetpea’ aromatherapy blend, which really does smell like sweetpeas. Or maybe she would like something spicy like my ‘Wild Woman Blend’, or better still I would blend an aromatherapy mix just for her. I would call it ‘Lovely Lady Louise’.  I think it would smell like a mix of angel hair and garden dirt and freshly bottled laughter, with a hint of sunshine and oranges.

That would be a very great day.

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