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Cakes for tea??

Cakes for tea?? (Photo credit: joanneteh_32(loving Laduree))


I was reminded today of how much I loved teatime as a kid. Full with tiny cups and saucers and air for tea. I still love it. Though now I use actual tea and hot water instead of imagination. Today though, I used the playtime teatime to bring my imagination to my writing. Huzzah!


I often wonder if we are at our most creative when we are four or five. We would be old enough to have some pithy experiences in life, but young enough to not be ‘schooled’ out of our inherent imaginative play. Perhaps creativity as an adult is only based on tapping into the imaginative youngster you used to be.



A yixing zisha teapot - "Melon", whi...

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Warmth settles into the

snug curve of your hands.

Steam gently swirls in

Thought-filled spirals.

Share a sacred sip.

Have a set while the water boils.

Tell me your story,

gracefilled arch and tilted turns.

Lay out the puzzled pieces.

Arrange them, just so,

we fit them altogether

in our time together.

Ancient and young

we steep in the magic

of love and herbs,

thoughtful words.

Emptied out and filled up

we find old magic in our cup.

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