Memorial Drive looking west from the Zoo bridge

Memorial Drive looking west from the Zoo bridge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is home to me.
My family tree,
Started me
and my roots here.
But I stayed and planted myself

And why?
Why linger?

“Because I love her.”
Seems to be the only answer.

I cringe at my melodrama
I really want to be
cold & practical,
like the shell
of simple stories
that outsiders tell.

But, I love her.

Her, by the way, is her gender.
A single glance,
at the simple shell,
could confuse you.
Because she looks like a man.
An oilman,
a land man,
an old time pioneer,
all cowboyed up
and ready to domineer.

But no.
That is not her.
not all of her.

I stay for the city
that simmers
beneath faux buckles and fresh new ten gallons
beneath the ten days of infestation
while tourists ride the rides
the real Calgary,
She hides.

She is so much more than a mile of
red, drunk and topless,
Or a blurry night
of Buds & boots in the office.

Frontier fictions
hide the genuine.
She is the fragrance of damp grass,
let go from winter’s tight clasp,
while arching winds
rip our branches off
and beat them against
our house tops.

And, She is the surprise flurry
that catches budding leaves
and folds them in white
while we hurry.

And, She is poppies on Memorial Drive
And Deerfoot
where you don’t drive.
and Forest Lawn
where you can get sixteen bowls of Pho
in the same block.

She is not

She is Multi

Bubble tea & Bul-go-gi
Philharmonic Strings & Blues, beers and wings

She is…

In Calgary!

She is socialist peaks,
mountain peaks,
that share
the fine view
anchoring our western compass
no matter what the status,
gets a peek.

but it is dangerous to fall in love
and be blinded to
long lines & long waits,
too many poor trying to
grab a plate.

He looked at me with time weathered eyes & said,
“I’m not from here. I met a girl who was, and I fell in love.”
I wonder,
did he fall for the girl
or the place?

You could fall in love here.
Fall in love with Here.

I love it here.

And so I stay.
Keeping the family tree
rooted in Seuss
for my new offshoot.

This is the place you go
when you fall in love twice
with the city you know.

This moment

Stillness n' Peace (View in full size)

Stillness n' Peace (Photo credit: . Dileepan .)

This moment.
Breathing in, breathe out.

When you recognize
Time is happening right, now
You love each moment.

With a breath
In and a long sigh
Out, you love.

His Laugh

When I close my eyes
and open my ears,
I hear a rumbling, deep
soul-shaking, earth-quaking…

I hear his laugh.

That laugh…

I imagine that laugh
starts below his feet and
rumbles up
and out
and Smacks the walls and furniture awake,
so that the whole room
and asks…



so funny?

And I imagine that
when he was a little baby,
God whispered in his ear
the perfect, juiciest, raunchiest joke
delivered with perfect timing.

And I imagine that little baby
spent his whole life
searching for the juiciest, raunchiest joke
to deliver with perfect timing for you,
so that you might have one, perfect laugh too.

That laugh…

I know this is a lot to take…

to take in…

won’t you
“take me out to the ball game.”

This game, this old game
we are all living,
This game has Rules.

And if you will open your rulebook
to page five and paragraph three,
You will clearly see,
that Life is not scored by the years that were lived,
but by the love that was shared
and the laughs that were had.

That laugh…

So when I close my eyes and
my ears.

I hear his laugh.

And I know
that if you close your eyes and
your ears,

You can hear it too.


Women Spinning in Fondi

Image via Wikipedia

Start at the beginning.
Stay focused.

Focused on the good and beautiful people that surround me now.
And… really… have surrounded me always. These strong, feisty women are always around.
My network, my hive. Honey. Honeybees working together in sisterhood to build a sweet, sweet life. To dance, to sing, to rock little babies, and to hold old hands.

We look in each others eyes and see all our beauty and wisdom reflected back to us. These sparkling eyes everywhere I look.
They hold a twinkle, a glimmer of curiosity, creativity… of Life.

We share tea, share our stories, our sorrows and joys.
We lean on our structure, our shelter, and we are supported
through times of great shift and slide.
Change that spins your mind sideways and upside down.

And where it all stops. Spinning, spin, spin, spinning.
When it makes sense again,
we awake to ourselves,
stronger, more beautiful, more loving
than we knew we could be.

Spoken Word Superhero – Sarah Kay

This is a brilliant talk by Sarah Kay where she describes the power and relevance of poetry in today’s world.

She Rocks!

I love her three steps on her journey 1) I can. 2) I will. 3) Infusing the work you are doing with the specific things that make you You.

I think these steps are true of whatever creative calling stirs your soul. Believing in yourself opens the door. Then, a solid dose of commitment keeps you moving. Finally, you learn to stand up and be yourself. Then, you do it all over again.

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