The flight home

English: Greylag Geese (Anser anser) in flight...


Beautiful rows of geese


Formation flying


follow the form


Riding in the crease  of wind


ridges and rivels from the pair of wings in front




Gusts erase the smoothly lined path


replaced and misplaced


the perfect order and sequence


now swirling clusters






flowing through and around the unseen wake of fate


Gathering up and flying on




wing to wing


and all the while,


me staring at a vast blue sky,


wondering how to go beyond avoiding,


and transcend







Tiny Writing Windows


Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)


I have been playing hooky from posting. Deliberately so. There has been an expansion in other areas of my creative and professional life which has accompanied the ebb of blogging. A flow of creativity towards novel writing, setting up a new office space, writing and designing inspirational cards and just generally enjoying the glorious summer, have sprung from this brief break.


I took a writing class offered by SARK called Write it Now with SARK (WINS) Just phenomenal. The results with my writing and my life were amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone drawn to pen and paper (or fingers to keys).  The support from the community of fellow writers was wonderful. Plus the fact that you get to ask SARK questions and receive support directly from a pure laser beam of love.


I am writing my novel in gathered minutes I gleaned while waiting for my son at the playground or over a morning coffee. So far I have over 3000 words written all from little slivers of time that have become tiny windows into this creative journey I am on with my characters.


Lotus HKU 2011

Lotus HKU 2011 (Photo credit: yuen_long)


The beauty of stepping back from the daily commitment of blogging has been as wonderful a process as the initial process of writing publicly daily. Ultimately both have been about side-stepping the inner critics which stall the flow of words and creative ideas. This is what I learned:


  • Make friends with your inner saboteur;
  • Fall in love with your own words;
  • Open up to the flow of words and let yourself be surprised;
  • Appreciation launches dreams, criticism crushes them;
  • Be unfailingly devoted to the spirit of the work;
  • Be willing to set aside your own need for approval to write that which wishes to be written;
  • Give yourself permission to fail, spectacularly;
  • Every work has an audience, honour your fans by keeping the pen moving;
  • Write from the heart and write often;
  •  Tiny pieces of time are profound moments of writing.


Time flies

Old Clocks

Old Clocks (Photo credit: servus)

How do you describe time passing? Is it by the moments, the events that have happened? Or is it something more fundamental, but less tangible like the intensity of our focus? True, there are clocks, heart beats, wrinkles that can gauge the tempo of life, but the more you poke around the concept of time the more it falls apart. It gets left right out of some physics equations altogether. It is as if it is just too messy, to arbitrary to deal with in a strict mathematical description of how the world works.


There are indelible moments in life where seconds hold the essence of the story. In one second, I was a woman, in the next second I was a mother; there are defining events that mark life. I am fascinated by the experience of time slowing down when we are intently focused on the present moment. Somehow, our attention to this one eternal moment of presence alters reality. If life is a stream, focus on the present moment is like living in the eddy. The world is racing, unaware, forward, and you get to stay still, anchored in clarity.


As you like it


There is such great diversity of experience in life. Could it be that you could simply pick and choose what suits you, leave the rest, and have things as you prefer? All that would be required would to ask for what you want, not what another might want, or want for you. A clear message. A clear answer.

Making change


Rumbles of thunder flash past my window.
Change, hmm, no transformation, is on its way to me.
Waiting for the one final deep breathe that signals the start, the launching.
To swim in a sea of air and have lightning bolts comb my hair, this is the new adventure before me.

Happy Life

All roads lead home.

Happiness is an internal quality. It’s source is internal. A brief decision, a choice, to turn the mind toward expansive thoughts.

The concept that happiness is a choice is the very first step in being happy. The second step is choosing happiness now and now and now. To keep making the choice, despite the circumstances. To no longer wait. To fully embrace every experience as a start of hope, of courage, of life.

Life is happening now. Your life is happening now. Choose happy.

Dangling from the moon

False-color image of the Moon taken by the Gal...

False-color image of the Moon taken by the Galileo orbiter showing geological features. NASA photo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following a dream is a twisty turny path. Launching anything new, from a wine store to a new baby is a heady mix of chaos and euphoria. The roller coaster metaphor goes a long way with me, since that sickly rushing in the pit of the stomach followed by a series of compressions and decompressions pretty much define how I feel most of the time when starting a new project. The thought “This might actually work!” races through my mind and I am at once exhilarated and petrified.

Crossing into new territory requires a hopeful heart. There must be hope for dreams to enter. There are solutions in a hopeful mind that are not available otherwise. I have caught myself numerous times this week talking about what I don’t want. Words that are not in harmony with my desires clang and bang against my head. My sensitivity has been turned way up. I notice myself parroting negative affirmations and I must stop and wash out my own ears. Did I really just say that?

This growth stuff is a continual process. Every life experience brings more to unravel and learn. I have joyful appreciation for my lapses into negative talk, because I notice them. Having cleaned up a bunch of the ‘big stuff’, cleared out the big issues, in my life I am hyper aware of even minor discomfort. This is really good, because before I was unconscious to my own words. Now they shout in my ears.

The courage to be me. It is a beautiful thing, to meet someone who lives from their essence. You can see them sparkling from a mile away. I am, in truth, a sparkling divine being, and so are you. I am so happy to be swinging on a star and sliding down the moon. I would rather dance on the edge of creation and risk being called a loon than perpetually wait in the sidelines for external approval.

So here I sit. On the moon. Living from the moment at the top of the roller coaster.


After spending the last few months falling in love (again) with fermented foods, I just adore the concept of fermentation. In Sandor Katz’s book ‘Wild Fermentation‘, he talks about fermentation being an agent of change in our society. I have to say that I swoon over words like these. I am a hopeless idealist (or is it hopeful?). Yes! I am a hopeful idealist! I like spending more time thinking about how brilliant we are as humans and how we have the collective ability to sort out most of the issues that face our world.

This is where the metaphor of fermentation really gets bubbling. For so many years, we have been packaged and processed, much like our food. There has been a great cultural homogenization that has happened and bringing fermentation back into our kitchens is a powerful first step. Why? Why does food matter? Why would retrieving and experimenting with old time methods of food preparation mater? Because food is basic to life. Unless you have become a sungazer, drawing your prana from the sun, you need food to eat. Food is more than calories and macronutrients, it is energy, vibration. The vibration you consume as food affects your whole body-mind. Everyone knows the curative properties of Grandma’s cookies. Food prepared with love and consumed with gratitude is completely different than food that is plopped down by uncaring hands waiting for a shift change. There is a huge array of biochemical changes that occur when we digest food, and our emotional state is directly tied to our bodies.

So making food that makes you feel good, that is nourishing and healthy, that uses local ingredients, that bubbles with life, this is a recipe for health. But there is more. The process of fermentation is slow. It relies on a few brave pioneering microbes to get the party started. Slowly, the change bubbles through the whole dish, and the food is transformed. I think change, lasting change is like this; a few brave pioneers, with a radical view of a harmonious world, begin to share their vision with anyone who is near, they just beam and bubble with their enthusiasm and dream. The dream catches the imagination and slowly, the whole world is bubbling. A complete transformational shift, to love, to harmony, occurs as if overnight.

Traveling while still – the art of going places when you stay home

I love traveling. The clarity that embraces the mind when we are on a journey is a wonderful thing. Traveling does two things: it places you squarely in the moment; and it rivets you to appreciation. There is a joyful wonder that settles into a life of travel. We become hyper aware of our surroundings, constantly on the look out for something unusual, a story. We translate more than the menus; we translate our experience into stories. We humans love to connect through shared experience and a juicy story is the best souvenir.

The shift in consciousness that happens on the road is partly due to the nature of travel, but also due to a mental shift. I suppose it is possible to grump your way through the most beautiful places in the world. I have met and traveled with some grumps, but they don’t have the stamina for the road that I do. The shift to appreciation is mental. It is easy to appreciate when you are staring at the Alps or marveling at kangaroos. Somehow it is difficult to generate the same level of appreciation at home, staring at the commute home or the pigeons. But I am always struck with the concept that the most amazing places in the world are normal, boring even, to the locals. Presumably, if we lived there long enough, we would find it normal too.

The truth is that there is so much to appreciate, right here, in this moment. Look around you right now. This is what wealth looks like. If you can read this, it means, well, that you can read, but also that you have electricity, and a computer, and Internet access, and good taste. 🙂 Appreciation abounds when we look for it.

Run an experiment. For a whole day, waking to sleeping, pretend that you are traveling, right in your hometown, even if you have to work, even if you are “too busy”, even if you have to do laundry. Do what you would do if you were on a trip, keep a journal or blog your adventure, take pictures, call someone and let them know how much you wish they were there, seek out the sights, go to a museum or art gallery, talk to the locals, ask for directions. Have fun with this. Let me know how it goes. 😀

Seven part harmony

1. Survival, safety, structure
2. Joy, passion, pleasure, creativity, abundance
3. Confidence, energy, will, strength
4. Compassion, love, nurturance, care
5. Communication, truth, listening, expression
6. Intuition, learning, awareness, understanding
7. Connection, trust, faith, inspiration

Seven strings played in tune
Life animated, reanimated

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