Five minutes to change

Here is an amazing exercise that has just changed everything for me in the last few days:
β€’ Set a timer for five minutes, once a day, for 50 days. During the five minutes write about what you want from the perspective of already having it. Allow yourself to daydream, let your imagination take you on a joy ride. Then after the 5 minutes are over, go about your day as normal.

It is astounding how much has shifted for me and I am only 6 days in. The full 50 days will be something amazing. Even more than the physical shifts that have occurred for me, I have a profound sense of well being coupled with impeccable timing.

Test this out in your life and let me know how it went. πŸ™‚

Allowed to allow

A basic part of manifesting what you want in life is allowing. That is, you put your order in, you ask for what you want, you get really clear, and then you allow, you let it in. The allowing part of the equation is a bit of a challenge because it seems to run counter to what we have been taught, that hard work is what achieves results. True, much can be accomplished through determined action, but better and longer lasting results generally happen when we get into ‘the flow’ and take action from a place of ease, allowing.

The word, allow, is so perfect for this key part of manifestation. Allow implies permission, it implies choice, a decision. That really gives us ultimate freedom since a random fearful thought does not instantly manifest a fearful result; we can always choose differently and change our lives quickly.

Permission is required for non-physical forces to move matter. But permission is also required for ourselves. Just the thought, “I am allowed to be happy” is a radical thought to some people. There is significant cultural training that implies that we need to justify our happiness and work really hard for it; that it is somehow disrespectful to be too openly happy without paying for it. The thought that happiness must come after suffering is the ultimate in conditional love, and I really don’t think the infinite love of the universe is that petty. I believe we are really meant to be happy, boundlessly happy, unconditionally happy. Free of charge.

The permission we seek, to be happy, will never consistently come from an external source. Other people are far too variable and inconsistent in their ideas of what you should be doing to rely upon for your permission to be happy. Ultimately, the permission can only come from within. You are the authority in your own life. You must give yourself permission to be happy. You can choose it. In choosing to be happy, you also give the people around you the freedom to make their own choices, to seek their own happiness. What a gift that is! That is what magic is, that is the force that creates miracles.

Adapting our story for life

Can you visualize what you want? Can you name what you want? Attracting anything into our experience requires focus and attention. We always focus our attention, it happens naturally through the course of the day. However, we are often not consciously choosing what we think at any given moment. It is easy to get swept along by the chaos of life and neglect our mental state and the content of our conversations.

What is your story? How do you describe yourself to others? These are conversations we have with many people, many times over. This repetition generates power. Whatever you repeat is, in a very real sense, a mantra, an affirmation, a prayer.

These everyday conversations are important cues to our subconscious mind. Our energy follows the pattern of our words and ultimately that energy changes conditions in our lives to match.

Can you rewrite your history? Yes and No. The events in your life happened, but how you tell them can be changed. Just replacing words with more uplifting synonyms is a good start. “Pain” becomes “sensation”, “busy” becomes “energetic”.

Minor shifts create big changes. Tiny incremental changes in how you share your stories can transform your life. And it all starts with this question: what do you want?

YOP!! That one last yop put it over the top!!

Teaching the youngster to feed

Teaching the youngster to feed (Photo credit: foxypar4)

I am here! I am here! I am here!

In the past few weeks I have had the experience of invisibility. In traffic, in line ups, walking down the street, people seem to not notice me. I have not had any huge mishaps or accidents, but I find it more than a little strange, since I drive a bright yellow car and I am usually chasing after my (almost) four year old. It is all interesting timing as the date of my first mind-body health workshop fast approaches.

A shift happened when I put together the sneaky code the universe uses to tell us the content of our thoughts. This metaphorical universe is wise. “Feeling invisible? Here try being invisible!” Of course, I am very much made of matter, and what a funny joke it all is. I had to ask myself, am I ready to be seen? Am I really ready for all that I have been asking for?

Mmmostly. For a long time, a very tentative “mostly” was all I could muster. But, today, driving my bright yellow car, I thought “YOP!” Was every who in whoville shouting? No, they were not! So I cheered up my internal sherker and shouted YOP! I am ready to be seen. I am ready to live and experience all of my wishes. Ready to give and show up fully for the people who are asking for me.

I am a great teacher. I read a lot. Constantly. If you need a book, or an answer, or a place to get started, I will find it. Or at least try my best. Or at least send you home with more questions to ponder. I love figuring things out. I see connections most people don’t. I have a brain trained in science , but a heart full of poems, and hands that heal. I love people, plants, crystals, music, writing, bugs, birds, and the planet with equal passion and enthusiasm.

I learn. I heal. I teach. You learn. You heal. You teach. This is the cycle. Transformation always occurs by a magical process from within. Within each person are all the resources needed to manifest everything they have always wanted. I show people their own brilliance and stand back and let them change, heal, grow.



What do you want?

Some times all it takes to go with the flow is to answer the question: “What do you want and why?”

It launches you out of the problem and into the solution. In particular, answering ‘why’ helps especially when what you want seems a long way off or even impossible. Often the answer to ‘why’, the ultimate answer, is ‘because I want to feel good’. Feeling good is a decision, a focus.

If nothing else, taking a break from complaining is a great start to making a shift. πŸ™‚

Seek Joy

I watched the live webcast of the Abraham workshop in Phoenix today. Amazing. I feel like I, not so much learned the information, as much as absorbed it. I’ve been listening to Abraham material for quite a while now, but I found this presentation to be very deep and I had a bunch of my questions answered about the nature of reality, consciousness, and the Law of Attraction. I feel like I am still integrating this information into my consciousness; the download is still in progress. A wonderful feeling. Highly recommended.

A powerful learning was that the basis of our purpose here, my purpose here, is to seek joy and let the details take care of themselves. Lovely. Permission to enjoy life rather than pay dues to deserve happiness. Just go straight to happy. Let everyone else sort their own stuff out. Just be. Just be joyful. Every chance you get, be joyful. So simple.

Appreciating Jerry Hicks

Jerry Hicks passed away November 18, 2011. He was the husband of Esther Hicks who channels the group of Beings known as Abraham. Read Esther’s wonderful post about it here.

Here is my message of appreciation for Jerry:

Dearest Jerry,

Thank you so much for being a relentless question-asker like me. The questions you have asked Abraham through the years have given me many satisfying answers and even more delicious questions yet to ask. I am sure that you have had your questions answered in a wonderful expansive way when you reentered Source and I know you will continue your fun and expansive relationship with both Esther and Abraham.

I so much appreciated your physical life and the wonderful physical materials you have provided to help us questioners to discover some interesting answers. I look forward to attending my first Abraham lecture soon and ask them some very delicious questions.

Dearest Esther,

Thank you for your joyous receptive nature to allow Abraham to speak through you. I am so very happy that you are wanting to continue this process with Jerry helping you from his Source-filled state. You have helped me so much with my own process of accepting the death process. I have had four members of my family pass over into Source this year and I have been having trouble accepting the absence of their physical form. Thank you for saying that accepting death will help me play better with them in their place of Source. That makes so much sense to me.

Thank you for being honest with us in your blog post about being a bit angry with Jerry for not sticking around in the physical world. I also understand this one! When my Grandma passed, all I could hear for days afterwards was her shouting “I’m still here!”. And so is Jerry, but I imagine he might say it a bit differently. πŸ™‚ All my love to you in this time of transformation.

Much love and respect,


Mirror Loop: The Inner reflects the Outer


Image by spike55151 via Flickr

The old alchemy texts say “As above, so below”, Meaning that any phenomena in the outer world mirrors an inner aspect of ourselves. Anything that we rail against, that gets us fired up and steaming mad, has its roots in our own pain. Criticism from others only sticks to us when it echos something our inner critic also says. If it didn’t, we would laugh it off as ridiculous.

It also works when we have wonderful experiences too. The great time we are having has its roots, not in the events or people surrounding us, but in our own joyful nature. When we are primed for a good time, that is all we have.

This way of looking at life can provide some great insights when seemingly random things happen to us. When life seems to be heaping turds on your table, it might be wise to see if you have been having shitty thoughts lately. Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t, the important thing is to look.

It is in looking at our lives as an extension of the self that the true magic happens. If the outer mirrors the inner, who can you be angry at? It propels you toward peace with spurs of compassion. Wanting world peace is a noble wish, but always ask yourself, “Who am I at war with?’ Every punch thrown curves back and hits you in the face.

Of course we can equally look at the beautiful things in life too, as part of our inner landscape. A great friend can only be in your life if you are also that great. A beautiful piece of music can only be appreciated by a willing ear. Somewhere within you, your inner composer delights in hearing the creative vibrations.

This kind of gentle questioning can lead you to all kinds of interesting answers. Whether the answers are right are not is completely unimportant. What is important is the act of questioning. Turning inward to find the answers, we allow our own wisdom to unfold. The longer we look into the eyes of another, the sooner we find we are looking at ourselves.

Reflections on Minigolf

My family and I went minigolfing today. I am terrible at it. Really, my three year old was doing a better job than me. It struck me that minigolfing is a fantastic spiritual training exercise. Most of the time I was clobbering the ball, only to have it bounce right back to me. It is a potent metaphor, too much force and you end up going nowhere.

It seems counterintuitive that less focus, less attention and less energy is more productive in achieving our goals. We are taught that if we don’t try really hard and put all of our energy towards our goals then we won’t be successful. It seems a bit lazy to take it easy and just let the Law of Attraction do the heavy lifting. But what if manifesting is just like minigolf?

There are three stages to the manifestation process according to Abraham (a group of non-physical beings channelled through a remarkable woman, Esther Hicks): first we ask for what we want, next we allow the Universe to create it, and finally we receive what we want. It is easy to know what you want, and usually it is easy to receive it, but the middle part, the allowing, can be hard. This is the stage where you live your life, often with little sign that anything has changed, and let go of the process of manifestation. You have to stay hopeful and trust that the Universe is lining everything up for you. I think this middle step is a challenge and is where most people get stuck. It requires faith. Faith is one of those messy concepts that fall apart when we examine them too roughly. Faith is fragile, like a champagne glass, and it doesn’t do well under the scientific hammer.

But minigolf! That is it! Minigolf is like allowing! We still need to play the game and continue living our lives. Obviously sitting on the side of the course will not help us in the game, or in our manifestation. Manifesting is not about taking no action. Action is important.

Too much force is not helpful and neither is facing the wrong direction. We have to be willing partners with the Universe, but we don’t have to do it all. Striving, worrying, impatience, these are all ways that we hit the ball too hard and wonder why we are no closer to the cup. Perhaps Newton was right on the money with the ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ concept. The more we fret, the more we get to fret about. Bills pile up when we want abundance; lovers leave when we want a mate.

So it is really about finesse. We line things up, relax, and be gentle with ourselves. We keep moving forward because life keeps urging us on. In minigolf, there is no time for over thinking each shot, because there is a line up of players behind us who also want to have fun. We take shot after shot, we try and try again. Sometimes we get a hole in one, sometimes we hit the water, but we keep going and we keep getting closer to what we want.

Yes, I like this analogy! Here are the key steps to allowing manifestations and to minigolf:

  1. Relax. You’ve got his one, no need to force it.
  2. Play. Participate in the journey.
  3. Pay attention. Line things up and hope for the best, the miracle is in the details.
  4. Keep going. The universe loves consistent and persistent effort.
  5. Have fun. Approach it all as an adventure, say “I wonder what will happen next?”

Anyone game? πŸ™‚


Goal-setting Feet

Whether you think you can, or think you can't....

I recently read the book “Five Wishes: How Answering One Simple Question Can Make Your Dreams Come True” by Gay Hendricks. I really enjoy Gay’s work and I also liked reading this book, but the goal-setting process did not work for me at all. Intellectually, I can see how this book could work really well for a lot of people, and I don’t want my experience to discourage you from reading it and trying it out, but for a recovering perfectionist like me, it was a disaster.

The book asks a very interesting question: If you were on your deathbed, either today or years from now would you say that your life was a total success? If the answer is no then you identify five wishes you have that would make your life successful. Through the help of the book you state those wishes in the present tense as though you already have them. It sounded like another great goal-setting/manifesting process. I had an amazing time writing my five wishes and I felt really good when I thought of having them in my life.

Here are my five wishes:

  1. My life is a total success because I’m now devoted, mind, body and soul to healing work.
  2. My life is a complete success because I’m now living consciously in every moment.
  3. It’s also a success because I’m now freely sharing my the vast wealth of past-life and present-life wisdom I have with the world through writing and teaching.
  4. And I’m now sharing the delicious experience of a sacred home with many, many people through my sacred, healing centres.
  5. And I’m now fully peaceful with my glorious body and I really love every part of it for this glorious life experience it is giving me.

The problem for me was that I felt like a complete failure because I did not have these five wishes now. I felt like I had really screwed up my life, by not being brave enough to risk it all and just go after what I wanted. I have a long-standing pattern of perfectionism that sometimes pops up in situations where I, or others, create a standard called ‘good’ and I vigorously try to be ‘good’. I was the obnoxious one in grade seven who knew all the answers in math and corrected the teacher’s mistakes. In the academic model, we are rewarded and praised for being ‘perfect’ and having all the answers. But life is not black or white, it is a kaleidoscope of infinite colours and infinite answers to untold questions. ‘Perfect’ is an abstraction, created by one person under a specific set of circumstances. ‘Perfect’ does not exist.

I think if I was able to just relax, and just trust that the Universe would guide me to these wishes, the process would have been a very positive one for me. Ultimately, I could not get past the language of ‘success’ and ‘failure’. I kept feeling more and more angst and depression because I could not see all the steps required to get me to my goals. And I could not have them right now. There is a profound power in honouring your pitfalls andΒ  traps of your ego; and I found them in this process!

I am oddly grateful for this process, because it brought to light something I have been feeling for a while now. I have to walk my own path. I have to create my own rules, write my own book and put the knowledge I have always innately had into practice. Several years ago, I manifested my husband. I was clear about what I wanted in a partner, and I resolved to not compromise. I was sure that he was out there, just waiting for someone just like me. I was ready to be the person I wanted to marry and I cleared all of the emotional hurdles out of the way. My manifesting of not just a man, but my man, not perfect, but perfect for me, was easy. I just had fun, dated and stayed focused on my vision.

So why, if my manifesting process that I created for myself, worked so well, did I abandon it and try something that wasn’t quite right for me? All I can think is I’m a good student. πŸ™‚

So I scrapped my five wishes list, and rewrote it in my own style, using my voice and my process. Here is my new life-long goal:

I love my family. I am the luckiest woman alive to have manifested such a beautiful relationship with an equal partner, someone who I adore and who adores me. We have a wonderful, amazing child who is a delight in all ways. He is a true gift from God and teaches me daily to be present, open and loving. My gorgeous, beautiful family is all the evidence I need that I can manifest miracles. As I love them with an open and free heart, I can rest in the knowledge that if the universe can bring me this amazing life, it can take care of everything else too. I love myself. I love my husband. I love my son. I love my life. Thank you!

Ahh! That feels better! πŸ˜€

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