Knit well

I’m knitting some emerald green socks. My aunt who passed away last week gave me a bunch of her knitting needles years ago. It is comforting to hold something she touched. The methodical process of knitting and the concentration required to knit my fancy socks soothes me. With each loop, I feel closer to her and the icy fingers of grief loosen their hold on me.

I like that knitting moves you forward. It keeps you focused on what you are doing right now. Each stitch moves forward in progression; there is no backtracking and staying stuck on a difficult part. You just keep going, like life.




Or perhaps it is microtoast. 🙂

Tiny Earth


This is what I did today. I made a geographically (mostly) accurate tiny earth mochi mochi. This pretty much sums me up: artistic, crafty, nerdly.




Mochi mochi


My latest knitting adventure is mochi mochi. Tiny cute stuffed toys designed by Anna Hrachovec. Check out her blog at Mochimochiland
I love the creativity.


After a late night knitting frenzy, I am finally finished my sweater. Woo Hoo! I have used up all my creative steam for the day, so this post is short. 🙂


I am (nearly) finished a sweater I started knitting in 2008…hmm maybe 2009. I am in the last push to bring this sweater into being. Somehow this knitting project turned into a metaphor on birthing and gestation. There is much more to think and write about, simmering here. What I can say now is the commitment to writing daily has reengaged my other, once held, commitments. This sweater is the result of that process of tying up loose threads in my life (hahaha, Oh no! I’m using puns! Must be time to go to bed!)


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