Intentional Writing

Affirmations are a wonderful tool to change your conscious mental habits. Often our mental chatter is pretty negative, but with consistent practice of positive, loving thoughts we can change everything about our lives. We naturally filter all of our experiences through our world view. If we are pessimists, then every experience is a royal drag; if we are optimists, we can only see opportunities in our challenges. Since different parts of our brains are involved when we write compared to when we speak, writing out your affirmations can help increase the impact they have in your life.

Louise Hay has a fantastic book filled with affirmations for just about every condition or situation. She mentioned that she changed her handwriting based on the work of Vimala Rodgers. Vimala has created an intentional handwriting system and explains that each letter has a unique meaning. She suggests that by changing your writing style you can change patterns in your life.

It is an intriguing idea. I like the idea of writing carefully in a beautiful style. I’m not sure if changing your writing to match Vimala’s is as important as being intentional with your script. I resist her suggested style mainly because I have developed my own calligraphic style that I have such fun writing.

I love calligraphy and I spend far too much time playing around with font choices when I’m starting a new creative project. I often write my affirmations and intentions in calligraphy and I have found that my wishes can manifest very quickly for me when I do. I write with a pen so rarely these days that it is a fun adventure to write with both creativity and intention.

What a neat thought, though, to change our everyday writing from a bunch of scribbles to something beautiful. Perhaps that is a metaphor for the change in our thoughts; as our writing becomes more beautiful our thoughts do too.

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