Music Heals

Music is a powerful thing. Not only is it an expression of art, it communicates deep feelings in a way that can immediately reach people from all walks of life. Personal tastes can vary hugely, but there are some forms of music that have measurable effects on our physiology. The links as to why music has such a huge effect on us are still being studied, but one possible explanation is the entrainment of our heart rate to an external beat. When we listen to a rhythmic sound, our heart rate adjusts, up or down, to match the rhythm. Why this happens is still a mystery, but it could have its roots in the connection between the infant and mother’s heart rates. A baby’s heart rate matches the rhythm of the mother’s heart rate, not in frequency, but in pattern. Perhaps we are immersed in a beat from our earliest days and music that echos this comforting rhythm triggers the part of us that is still that tiny babe.

A piece of music that seems to instantly wrap me in a blanket of peace is the Vajrasattva Matra by Dechen Shak-Dagsay. Enjoy!

Fantastic Feet

Feet are a truly amazing part of your body. They bend and flex, they compress and spring with each step you take. They are a marvel of arches and bones. Sturdy, yet flexible. They carry us through life. Happy little servants carrying our wonderful body around through our lives.

Our culture has a weird relationship with feet. They are often seen as ugly, dirty and even offensive. But from my perspective they are one of the cleanest parts of your body. After all, you don’t pick your nose with your toes. Not even the limberest yogi wipes their bum with their feet. Hands do not get the same bad rap that feet get, by far.

I see feet very differently. The bottoms of your feet tell me a story. Every lump and bump, callous and freckle, is a wealth of information of where you have been and where you are going. I marvel at how feet are reflections of our lives. I see this in every pair of feet I treat. Issues in the body show up in the feet, like a mole over an area connected to an old health problem, or callouses protecting a sensitive emotional past. It is all there, like a map that shows me your journey so far.

The really cool part of feet is that they are always constantly changing, just like we are. I see this even from the start to end of a session. They are different feet than when I started. They are more flexible, softer, more resilient. When people are ready to change, I see it in their feet first. There is a subtle magic at work and I get to witness it, to facilitate it. I give people the nudge, and they do the rest. It is like helping someone move and all you do is tell them to lift with their legs and hold the door open; they do all the heavy lifting.

And lift they do. I am amazed at the courage people have to change and grow, to become more of themselves. More awesome, less bullshit. More following their own heart, instead of everyone else’s. To sit down at a person’s feet is a huge honour. It is sitting at their soul.

In our society, we spend a lot of time worshipping the feet of great sages and saints, and we spend a lot of time gazing at babies feet. But I think everyone’s feet are worthy of that much love and respect. Everyone is both sage and infant, deserving of our full attention and our loving kindness.

So love your feet, be nice to them, and they will carry you to many grand adventures.


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