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I have been playing hooky from posting. Deliberately so. There has been an expansion in other areas of my creative and professional life which has accompanied the ebb of blogging. A flow of creativity towards novel writing, setting up a new office space, writing and designing inspirational cards and just generally enjoying the glorious summer, have sprung from this brief break.


I took a writing class offered by SARK called Write it Now with SARK (WINS) Just phenomenal. The results with my writing and my life were amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone drawn to pen and paper (or fingers to keys).  The support from the community of fellow writers was wonderful. Plus the fact that you get to ask SARK questions and receive support directly from a pure laser beam of love.


I am writing my novel in gathered minutes I gleaned while waiting for my son at the playground or over a morning coffee. So far I have over 3000 words written all from little slivers of time that have become tiny windows into this creative journey I am on with my characters.


Lotus HKU 2011

Lotus HKU 2011 (Photo credit: yuen_long)


The beauty of stepping back from the daily commitment of blogging has been as wonderful a process as the initial process of writing publicly daily. Ultimately both have been about side-stepping the inner critics which stall the flow of words and creative ideas. This is what I learned:


  • Make friends with your inner saboteur;
  • Fall in love with your own words;
  • Open up to the flow of words and let yourself be surprised;
  • Appreciation launches dreams, criticism crushes them;
  • Be unfailingly devoted to the spirit of the work;
  • Be willing to set aside your own need for approval to write that which wishes to be written;
  • Give yourself permission to fail, spectacularly;
  • Every work has an audience, honour your fans by keeping the pen moving;
  • Write from the heart and write often;
  •  Tiny pieces of time are profound moments of writing.



Five minutes to change

Here is an amazing exercise that has just changed everything for me in the last few days:
• Set a timer for five minutes, once a day, for 50 days. During the five minutes write about what you want from the perspective of already having it. Allow yourself to daydream, let your imagination take you on a joy ride. Then after the 5 minutes are over, go about your day as normal.

It is astounding how much has shifted for me and I am only 6 days in. The full 50 days will be something amazing. Even more than the physical shifts that have occurred for me, I have a profound sense of well being coupled with impeccable timing.

Test this out in your life and let me know how it went. 🙂

Tea time


Cakes for tea??

Cakes for tea?? (Photo credit: joanneteh_32(loving Laduree))


I was reminded today of how much I loved teatime as a kid. Full with tiny cups and saucers and air for tea. I still love it. Though now I use actual tea and hot water instead of imagination. Today though, I used the playtime teatime to bring my imagination to my writing. Huzzah!


I often wonder if we are at our most creative when we are four or five. We would be old enough to have some pithy experiences in life, but young enough to not be ‘schooled’ out of our inherent imaginative play. Perhaps creativity as an adult is only based on tapping into the imaginative youngster you used to be.


Time warp

Deja vu. Have I really been here before? Have you? You seem familiar to me.

Is it repetition or memory or a slide sideways through time?

Writer’s fuel


Body Mind

Body Mind (Photo credit: DanAllison)




Words fuel writers.


More than that, it is the direction of creative energy through the body mind of the writer to the page (or screen). Writing ‘in the flow’ is a blissful thing. Hooking into this transcendent state is the drug that a writer joneses over when they get ‘blocked’. The process of writing, any kind of writing, is the primer for the pump to get that flow going. Writing keeps you writing.


Finding the freedom from having to be perfect or pleasing or any other conformity is a primary process in generating a mind that can plug into this ethereal ‘flow’. Surrendering to the process of writing in its most simple form, pen and paper, and letting go of everything else can open you and sweep you toward the page, now filled, with juicy sentences and luscious paragraphs.


Time flies

Old Clocks

Old Clocks (Photo credit: servus)

How do you describe time passing? Is it by the moments, the events that have happened? Or is it something more fundamental, but less tangible like the intensity of our focus? True, there are clocks, heart beats, wrinkles that can gauge the tempo of life, but the more you poke around the concept of time the more it falls apart. It gets left right out of some physics equations altogether. It is as if it is just too messy, to arbitrary to deal with in a strict mathematical description of how the world works.


There are indelible moments in life where seconds hold the essence of the story. In one second, I was a woman, in the next second I was a mother; there are defining events that mark life. I am fascinated by the experience of time slowing down when we are intently focused on the present moment. Somehow, our attention to this one eternal moment of presence alters reality. If life is a stream, focus on the present moment is like living in the eddy. The world is racing, unaware, forward, and you get to stay still, anchored in clarity.



Connecting to the earth, it is so vital to our well being. It is very easy to encase ourselves in homes and cars, completely forgetting that we are animals. We are part of nature, part of the natural world. Nature is all around us all of the time, we just have to turn our minds to it.

There is a vital energy, chi, that is emitted from the earth itself. There are Qigong exercises devoted to collecting this energy and using it to refuel the body-mind. There is a nourishing quality to this energy, which is probably why it has been associated with the Divine Mother archetype. Earth energy builds, restores and repairs.

Connecting to the earth energy is the easiest from of energy healing. All you need to do is to visualize roots extending downward into the earth and allow the nourishing energy flow upward. Breathe easy and let the energy flow freely, without restriction. Stay with the connection as long as you feel happy, rested and secure. It is really the best way to recharge. 🙂

Writing life – consistent commitment

I took a tiny break from posting, thinking that I needed some relaxation/vacation time to recharge my writing muscles. It felt like I was skipping on brushing my teeth. I have been playing around with a writer’s identity for a while now. Trying on the archetypal clothes of what I think a writer is, what they do, how they think. I realize now that anyone who is literate is a writer. Everyone has a story. I crave these remarkable tales. I am curious about who people are and where they have been, even more, where they are going.

I am a writer. It fulfills a need within me to connect and express. I can document my experiences and perspective. I now know that if I crave the stories of others, the. Others crave my stories.

Strength in vulnerability

If the times of great adversity inspire great strength, then are we not strongest when we are weakest? Bless those miserable days, because we always grow and transform the fastest when there is a fire under our bums!

Happy Life

All roads lead home.

Happiness is an internal quality. It’s source is internal. A brief decision, a choice, to turn the mind toward expansive thoughts.

The concept that happiness is a choice is the very first step in being happy. The second step is choosing happiness now and now and now. To keep making the choice, despite the circumstances. To no longer wait. To fully embrace every experience as a start of hope, of courage, of life.

Life is happening now. Your life is happening now. Choose happy.

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