The flight home

English: Greylag Geese (Anser anser) in flight...


Beautiful rows of geese


Formation flying


follow the form


Riding in the crease  of wind


ridges and rivels from the pair of wings in front




Gusts erase the smoothly lined path


replaced and misplaced


the perfect order and sequence


now swirling clusters






flowing through and around the unseen wake of fate


Gathering up and flying on




wing to wing


and all the while,


me staring at a vast blue sky,


wondering how to go beyond avoiding,


and transcend






More than feet

What is reflexology? This is a question that I have been pondering for a while as I frequently get asked this question. As a reflexologist, I know the standard definition of what I do, applying pressure to reflex points in the hands, feet and ears for optimal health, but there is so much more that occurs within a treatment. Describing reflexology only as putting pressure on reflexes is a bit like saying a person is only a collection of organs, bone and muscle. That simplistic explanation skips over the essential definition of what it means to be human, to have a creative purposeful life, to love and laugh. Reflexology is more like the music that lifts from the violin than the mechanics of bow and strings.

There is a recognition of the individual in the treatment. The practitioner holds the intention, the image, of the person as whole and complete. The person breathes deeply, relaxes their nervous system. The physical foot is stretched and massaged and the fascia is released. Basically, it is holistic. Every aspect of the person’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual life is acknowledged during the session.

Calm, peace, balance, these are natural states of health that are restored during a session. This interweaving of multiple benefits is why I studied reflexology and why I still consider it to be one of the most powerful body work modalities that I have experienced. Powerful and simple all at the same time.

Foot crunchies

When I give a reflexology treatment I get a bunch of information about the state of the body just from the sensations in the foot. There are all sorts of lumps and bumps in the foot that are usually found right over the reflexes that are connected to health problems. One of the most common are crunchy bits, felt right under the skin of the foot. Sometimes it takes a bit of pressure to feel these areas but they are unmistakable once you find them.

What these crunchy bits are is up for a bit of a debate. Most reflexologists call them crystals and the common idea is that they are uric acid crystals that accumulate in the feet. When a client of mine, who has some pretty consistent crunchy places in his toes, started taking drugs to alleviate kidney stones (which are also uric acid crystals), the improvement in the foot was startling. The crystals in the foot disappeared while the drugs were being taken and slowly returned after the drugs were stopped. It seems to me that there could be some validity to the theory that the crunchies in the foot are indeed uric acid crystals, even though this is based on only one person it seems reasonable to me.

The placement of the lumps, bumps and crunchies in the foot are almost always connected to a health issue of some sort. Stagnant chi, or life force energy in certain parts of the body is one explanation that is fairly common in eastern medicine to explain why there is so clear a correspondence between the foot reflexes and the body. The truly amazing thing about reflexology is that it can pick up on the early stages of a dis-ease before any illness has manifested. It is a wonderful preventative therapy that balances every organ system and energy system in the body. Plus it feels great.

So if you have crunchy bits in your foot give them a good massage everyday as a lovely bit of self care. Or seek out a skilled reflexologist to help you work them through your system.

Seven part harmony

1. Survival, safety, structure
2. Joy, passion, pleasure, creativity, abundance
3. Confidence, energy, will, strength
4. Compassion, love, nurturance, care
5. Communication, truth, listening, expression
6. Intuition, learning, awareness, understanding
7. Connection, trust, faith, inspiration

Seven strings played in tune
Life animated, reanimated

Patience please

Slowing down to enjoy the moment. Patience. Such a huge teacher. There much be a special part of the brain that houses patience. How do you access it?

Impatience, though, springs forth from a lackful thought “I don’t have enough time.” Illusion. The reality is you always have 5 minutes.

These 5 minuteses pop up like rabbits when you start looking for them. They appear and wait, faithfully for us to grab them. These five minute segments of life must get lonely, waiting for our attention.

What a thought! That our time is patient with us! Is this moment tugging on your arm, like an adoring child, still asking sweetly for some gentle focus? It is easy to focus when the moment, or the child, is whining or wailing. By then, we are short tempered and flooded with emotion, not really fully present.

Being in the “now” may be a tough concept since it is fleeting and not quantifiable. A five minute segment, however, is something is easy for the mind to hold on to.

How much would shift in your life if you took 5 minutes everyday to breathe, do something joyful, work on your dreams, walk, dance, sing?

I think it would change everything.

Deliberate Insanity


Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

I’m writing a novel. There. I said it. Now I have to follow through. Along with everything else. I have decided to write not just one book, but two. One novel, one non-fiction book. Before I’m 40. That gives me a year and a bit. Two drafts, one year. Hrmm.

Ok. That is not (yet) the crazy part. The crazy part is the exercise that my friend and writing mentor Samantha encouraged me to do as a way to connect to my main character. She suggested that I set aside, for a moment, working on the structure of the novel (which is essentially done anyway), and begin writing to the main character. An introduction. A discussion. Let her speak.

I did. What an odd experience. To have a character emerge from the shadows of my mind. Fully realized and feisty. It feels like deliberately choosing to have voices in your head that are from someone ‘not real’. Weird. Fun, but weird.

This character is not someone I like or would even want to meet. She is sullen, neurotic, foul. Easily angered she launched into berating me for the inexpensive journal I was writing her in. At least, for my first novel, I have a character that is demanding and loud. There is no mistaking her. Clear.

Also in the mix of impressions, of where she is taking me on this writing adventure, I got a peek of her shattered vulnerability and her wit. This will be interesting.

I have no plans for what will happen to these books once they are done. I guess the point is usually to publish. How that will happen. Who knows. First, write. Second, write. Third, write more. Then, maybe, I will figure the rest out. It is fun. Knitting with words.

YOP!! That one last yop put it over the top!!

Teaching the youngster to feed

Teaching the youngster to feed (Photo credit: foxypar4)

I am here! I am here! I am here!

In the past few weeks I have had the experience of invisibility. In traffic, in line ups, walking down the street, people seem to not notice me. I have not had any huge mishaps or accidents, but I find it more than a little strange, since I drive a bright yellow car and I am usually chasing after my (almost) four year old. It is all interesting timing as the date of my first mind-body health workshop fast approaches.

A shift happened when I put together the sneaky code the universe uses to tell us the content of our thoughts. This metaphorical universe is wise. “Feeling invisible? Here try being invisible!” Of course, I am very much made of matter, and what a funny joke it all is. I had to ask myself, am I ready to be seen? Am I really ready for all that I have been asking for?

Mmmostly. For a long time, a very tentative “mostly” was all I could muster. But, today, driving my bright yellow car, I thought “YOP!” Was every who in whoville shouting? No, they were not! So I cheered up my internal sherker and shouted YOP! I am ready to be seen. I am ready to live and experience all of my wishes. Ready to give and show up fully for the people who are asking for me.

I am a great teacher. I read a lot. Constantly. If you need a book, or an answer, or a place to get started, I will find it. Or at least try my best. Or at least send you home with more questions to ponder. I love figuring things out. I see connections most people don’t. I have a brain trained in science , but a heart full of poems, and hands that heal. I love people, plants, crystals, music, writing, bugs, birds, and the planet with equal passion and enthusiasm.

I learn. I heal. I teach. You learn. You heal. You teach. This is the cycle. Transformation always occurs by a magical process from within. Within each person are all the resources needed to manifest everything they have always wanted. I show people their own brilliance and stand back and let them change, heal, grow.




Skip, trip, slip
Slipping and

A rocking rolling
Forward momentum
That ends in a sudden spin.

Which way am I facing?

Up and pivot
North tip to north
Tip tip tap dancing
Into the next scene.

Where was I?


Perhaps when my feet catch up with my mind,
scenery will change.

Till then
Tip tap trip

My great life

As I relax into loving the life I’m living, I find more to love. Each day brings thousands of blessings, reminders, synchronicities.

Allowing it all to be great. To get prepared for the endless greatness before me, on it’s way to me, that is my job now. To get out of my way, to hold nothing back, to live and be honest. Flowing with the beauty of life. Letting my beauty shine. Wild abandon.

Throwing my heart over the bar, and knowing that all else will follow. Moving so fast that my dreams rewrite themselves as I sleep, realizing that they too must keep up with this new territory.

New territory. I’m an explorer. I wanted to sail on ships and draw creatures and conclusions. Post filled. Next. Settling for second, almosts, not quite. Not likely. I explore. I move. I live and dream through my senses that must be kept sharpened by the blade of fresh air as it swirls past my cheek.

Step lively. There is life ahead. There is living. And all of it is not done, will never be done, not done. One unfinished story after another. But I will not leave my ancestry guessing, I will write my life upon the fresh page that I stand in. Stepping forward, toward…


To Run

Wild horse above Campo Imperatore

Wild horse above Campo Imperatore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pushing forward.
like the thoroughbred being squeezed into the starting stall.
Trying to coax this wild horse to go through an unnaturally small
To do what? To run?
To do what is natural, you must do what feels unnatural?



You must not think about domestication.
You must not even try to run on the track that is set for you,
for another’s pleasure.

You must run free.
You are NOT a tamed & bred & fed thoroughbred
but a wild one.
A wild horse, feral, free.
No, not feral even,
wild, wild, wild.
You are not from this place.
You are pure wilderness,

Do NOT go back into captivity!
You must RUN.
Run free.
Be free.

Be free & wild & natural.
Release the cage clasp
held tight
in your tight grasp.

Release the need
to need
even one other
to feed the ego chip.
The chip carved deep
into shoulder & neck & shoulder.

You shout.
But, seriously,
let it out
You are trapped & caged
now by your own hand.

So let loose your reins,
it is time to reign.
Time to claim
your rightful
over your own crop & field & wild reel.


Just run.

Let loose & run.
run, run, run, run…

Us runners share
the nuchal ligament
a strong filament
to reach the firmament
of Earth & Stars.

To have my foot
touch & stomp & stride & step
and have small swirls of dust
rise around my instep.

& off and gone
off, gone
up & gone
a step & stride
stride, swing, step, move
arch, move, foot
move, leg
swing, swing, swing…

Graceful ease
fills each track
& where soft dust
swirls & swirls & swirls
Eyes are filled with visions
of swirls & swirls & swirls
of stars & galaxies
and stars &

endless black

endless night

eternal light.

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