Connecting to the earth, it is so vital to our well being. It is very easy to encase ourselves in homes and cars, completely forgetting that we are animals. We are part of nature, part of the natural world. Nature is all around us all of the time, we just have to turn our minds to it.

There is a vital energy, chi, that is emitted from the earth itself. There are Qigong exercises devoted to collecting this energy and using it to refuel the body-mind. There is a nourishing quality to this energy, which is probably why it has been associated with the Divine Mother archetype. Earth energy builds, restores and repairs.

Connecting to the earth energy is the easiest from of energy healing. All you need to do is to visualize roots extending downward into the earth and allow the nourishing energy flow upward. Breathe easy and let the energy flow freely, without restriction. Stay with the connection as long as you feel happy, rested and secure. It is really the best way to recharge. 🙂


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