A Beautiful Body Project – Jade Beall

Jade Beall – A Beautiful Body #1

Jade Beall is a photographer from Tuscon who has started a project called ‘A Beautiful Body Project‘ capturing the full diversity of mother’s bodies. It is a wonderful reclaiming of something divine, the belly of a woman who has birthed children.

This project reminds me of the powerful feelings of awe I had when I looked at my own postpartum body, shortly after giving birth to my son. The pure, raw power of creation beamed back at me from every stretch mark and curve. I could not deny the wild beauty of my body, a body that instinctually created life, without any input, guidance or direction from my conscious mind. My body took over when I got pregnant and when I surrendered to its power during labour and birth, I could only look on my body with eyes of love and admiration.

I must admit that cultural expectations of what my body is supposed to look like has crept into my consciousness. But this is the gift of children, especially small ones, they have not yet been brainwashed into thinking there is only one way for a woman to look. To them, as mommy, you are a goddess. In their eyes, you are the most beautiful person on the planet and they can’t take their eyes off of you. No one else will love you as completely as your child does.

This adoration of the body of the mother is perfectly captured by Beall’s work. Check it out

and reclaim the power inherent in birthing and raising children.


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