Foot crunchies

When I give a reflexology treatment I get a bunch of information about the state of the body just from the sensations in the foot. There are all sorts of lumps and bumps in the foot that are usually found right over the reflexes that are connected to health problems. One of the most common are crunchy bits, felt right under the skin of the foot. Sometimes it takes a bit of pressure to feel these areas but they are unmistakable once you find them.

What these crunchy bits are is up for a bit of a debate. Most reflexologists call them crystals and the common idea is that they are uric acid crystals that accumulate in the feet. When a client of mine, who has some pretty consistent crunchy places in his toes, started taking drugs to alleviate kidney stones (which are also uric acid crystals), the improvement in the foot was startling. The crystals in the foot disappeared while the drugs were being taken and slowly returned after the drugs were stopped. It seems to me that there could be some validity to the theory that the crunchies in the foot are indeed uric acid crystals, even though this is based on only one person it seems reasonable to me.

The placement of the lumps, bumps and crunchies in the foot are almost always connected to a health issue of some sort. Stagnant chi, or life force energy in certain parts of the body is one explanation that is fairly common in eastern medicine to explain why there is so clear a correspondence between the foot reflexes and the body. The truly amazing thing about reflexology is that it can pick up on the early stages of a dis-ease before any illness has manifested. It is a wonderful preventative therapy that balances every organ system and energy system in the body. Plus it feels great.

So if you have crunchy bits in your foot give them a good massage everyday as a lovely bit of self care. Or seek out a skilled reflexologist to help you work them through your system.


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  1. Rachél
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 03:17:54

    HA! I have folks ask me about foot crunchies all the time. They were the first things I felt as a massage therapist. I was fascinated by them. Now they are just part of what they body does…how it feels. So glad you wrote about it.


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