Thinking outrageous thoughts

In a very profound meditation CD, Sri Siva challenges your mind to defy logic and think outrageous thoughts. That phrase has stuck with me. It is a very freeing idea, to challenge your whole self to think beyond your usual patterns. It seems to be the theme lately. “You cannot solve problems with the same thoughts that created them.” I think this is an Einstein quote, or maybe someone else who is wise.

There is a general relaxation that occurs in the mind when we get a brilliant new idea. It is a paradox that we have to stop thinking for a while, or relax our brains somehow, to allow a new thought to get its shoe in. Just ponder that, thoughts wearing shoes.

How many times do I say “not sure what to do here, I think I’ll go for a walk/sleep/play”, only to get the idea handed to me in a moment of relaxation. Many. Too many. I’m considering permanently turning my logical mind off, just so I can receive more lateral thoughts.

All those slideskipjump thoughts that are revolutionary. The thoughts that change the world, change a life. Those are thoughts that enter on cat feet and pounce on your still mind. The thoughts that revolutionize and mystify, they require a willing partner on their wild romp through mystic portals.



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