Allowed to allow

A basic part of manifesting what you want in life is allowing. That is, you put your order in, you ask for what you want, you get really clear, and then you allow, you let it in. The allowing part of the equation is a bit of a challenge because it seems to run counter to what we have been taught, that hard work is what achieves results. True, much can be accomplished through determined action, but better and longer lasting results generally happen when we get into ‘the flow’ and take action from a place of ease, allowing.

The word, allow, is so perfect for this key part of manifestation. Allow implies permission, it implies choice, a decision. That really gives us ultimate freedom since a random fearful thought does not instantly manifest a fearful result; we can always choose differently and change our lives quickly.

Permission is required for non-physical forces to move matter. But permission is also required for ourselves. Just the thought, “I am allowed to be happy” is a radical thought to some people. There is significant cultural training that implies that we need to justify our happiness and work really hard for it; that it is somehow disrespectful to be too openly happy without paying for it. The thought that happiness must come after suffering is the ultimate in conditional love, and I really don’t think the infinite love of the universe is that petty. I believe we are really meant to be happy, boundlessly happy, unconditionally happy. Free of charge.

The permission we seek, to be happy, will never consistently come from an external source. Other people are far too variable and inconsistent in their ideas of what you should be doing to rely upon for your permission to be happy. Ultimately, the permission can only come from within. You are the authority in your own life. You must give yourself permission to be happy. You can choose it. In choosing to be happy, you also give the people around you the freedom to make their own choices, to seek their own happiness. What a gift that is! That is what magic is, that is the force that creates miracles.


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