Love of languages

My four year old is reading (so proud!), well learning to read anyway. As part of that process, he demands, “Read this!” and jabs his little finger at whatever words are in front of him. It is more than fun, teaching this voracious reader new words. These days I am patiently reading everything from the author notes in the back of his favorite books to the warning label on his car seat (ok, maybe not so patiently on the last one).

I am enjoying this time, while I am a tiny bit smarter than him (a different story next year). Though he is now demanding that I read the French and Spanish translations of the signs and labels we encounter in our day. I am finding I am getting quickly out of my depth and cringing at my pronunciation. He loves hearing these new sounds and seems to be seeking out all the words I haven’t been reading to him.

It challenges my brain, thinking in other languages. It makes me want to learn, re-learn, how to make all the sounds not native to my English tongue. And maybe, stay one tiny step ahead of my greatest teacher.


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