Lost language – Groovy

Whatever happened to the term “groovy”? Of course it still exists, but where did it go in popular culture? Relegated to Austin Power films and sixties stereotypes it is a word that is drifting out of existence. To use it now… well it would seem contrived.

It is a word specific to a culture and a time that briefly popped in and out of existence. It is a defining word. You say “groovy” and I think “tie-dye, pot, and bell bottoms”. Maybe groovy fell out of favor from over use. Someone’s mom must have started saying it. Or misuse, from “the man” trying to groovify very ungroovy events.

Still, I like “groovy”. It quivers with idealism, and hope. Yes, hope, fun, celebration, it is all those ideas. Concepts that I hope we have not hardened ourselves to completely. I hope that our world has left the window open for groovy to populate our dreams.

The world could use a little groovy right now.



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