Patience please

Slowing down to enjoy the moment. Patience. Such a huge teacher. There much be a special part of the brain that houses patience. How do you access it?

Impatience, though, springs forth from a lackful thought “I don’t have enough time.” Illusion. The reality is you always have 5 minutes.

These 5 minuteses pop up like rabbits when you start looking for them. They appear and wait, faithfully for us to grab them. These five minute segments of life must get lonely, waiting for our attention.

What a thought! That our time is patient with us! Is this moment tugging on your arm, like an adoring child, still asking sweetly for some gentle focus? It is easy to focus when the moment, or the child, is whining or wailing. By then, we are short tempered and flooded with emotion, not really fully present.

Being in the “now” may be a tough concept since it is fleeting and not quantifiable. A five minute segment, however, is something is easy for the mind to hold on to.

How much would shift in your life if you took 5 minutes everyday to breathe, do something joyful, work on your dreams, walk, dance, sing?

I think it would change everything.


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  2. Herbert Mtowo
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 05:45:18

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