Adapting our story for life

Can you visualize what you want? Can you name what you want? Attracting anything into our experience requires focus and attention. We always focus our attention, it happens naturally through the course of the day. However, we are often not consciously choosing what we think at any given moment. It is easy to get swept along by the chaos of life and neglect our mental state and the content of our conversations.

What is your story? How do you describe yourself to others? These are conversations we have with many people, many times over. This repetition generates power. Whatever you repeat is, in a very real sense, a mantra, an affirmation, a prayer.

These everyday conversations are important cues to our subconscious mind. Our energy follows the pattern of our words and ultimately that energy changes conditions in our lives to match.

Can you rewrite your history? Yes and No. The events in your life happened, but how you tell them can be changed. Just replacing words with more uplifting synonyms is a good start. “Pain” becomes “sensation”, “busy” becomes “energetic”.

Minor shifts create big changes. Tiny incremental changes in how you share your stories can transform your life. And it all starts with this question: what do you want?


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