Deliberate Insanity


Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

I’m writing a novel. There. I said it. Now I have to follow through. Along with everything else. I have decided to write not just one book, but two. One novel, one non-fiction book. Before I’m 40. That gives me a year and a bit. Two drafts, one year. Hrmm.

Ok. That is not (yet) the crazy part. The crazy part is the exercise that my friend and writing mentor Samantha encouraged me to do as a way to connect to my main character. She suggested that I set aside, for a moment, working on the structure of the novel (which is essentially done anyway), and begin writing to the main character. An introduction. A discussion. Let her speak.

I did. What an odd experience. To have a character emerge from the shadows of my mind. Fully realized and feisty. It feels like deliberately choosing to have voices in your head that are from someone ‘not real’. Weird. Fun, but weird.

This character is not someone I like or would even want to meet. She is sullen, neurotic, foul. Easily angered she launched into berating me for the inexpensive journal I was writing her in. At least, for my first novel, I have a character that is demanding and loud. There is no mistaking her. Clear.

Also in the mix of impressions, of where she is taking me on this writing adventure, I got a peek of her shattered vulnerability and her wit. This will be interesting.

I have no plans for what will happen to these books once they are done. I guess the point is usually to publish. How that will happen. Who knows. First, write. Second, write. Third, write more. Then, maybe, I will figure the rest out. It is fun. Knitting with words.


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