In progress

I am grateful that I am a work in progress. I have completed many things in my life. Always, the moment of completion of any task, big or small, is just that, a moment. A fragment of time is the marker of any project, degree, task. Everything from washing dishes to having a baby are completed in a second. There is a transition from not done to done.

In a goal-driven society, there is a lot of focus on the completion of events, getting married, having kids, retiring. It is the “I’ll be happy when…” problem. Holding out for happiness “someday” is disastrous. The target always shifts and the someday never comes.

So living in a state of incompleteness is crucial. Embracing the multiple, winding threads of life. Keeping the same rhythm as nature, a continual unfolding of potential. This is what sparks happiness.


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