Ah, Mother’s Day. What a nice day to celebrate mothering and the contribution of Moms. I get to ride the party wagon as my son has made me a most grateful mother.

With the sudden passing of my aunt a few months ago, however, I realized that there is more to motherhood than birth. My aunt was like a second mom to me, though it was not something that I recognized as clearly until she was gone. I am lucky to have many second moms. I imagine that you do too.

These nurturing women are in our communities, schools, churches and cafeterias. They could be part of an extended family or longtime family friends. They extend what it means to be ‘mother’. They can care and connect in ways that mothers can sometimes not, bridging the gap that one person alone cannot fill. It truly takes a village to raise a child. All of the women a child interacts with become role models, whether they know it or not.

As a mom, there is a sense of comfort in knowing that my sisters and friends complete the nurturing my son receives. As an aunt, I am humbled by the example my aunt set out for me, I only hope I can do half as well. As a woman of the community, I appreciate the role I play in the larger picture; I may never know the impact I have on kids I meet. I often wonder if my aunt knew how much she influenced us kids.

And mostly, as a daughter and niece, I am in a profound state of humble gratitude to my mom and my aunts on both sides. Being a mom, I know how challenging being a parent can be (and I know I provided my share of challenges). I also know that there is no finer calling than to care for a child. Thanks Mom. Thanks Village. 🙂

For all the moms, second moms, aunties, cousins, and friends, thank you. Happy Mother’s Day.


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