Tangerine streaks across lavender.
Chasing indigo and periwinkle.
Shade outlined on crisp relief.
soft tipped coal presses to the outline
violet embraces midnight.

The soft pause at dusk.
held, intake, waiting
pupils spiral outward
a still hush
before raucous song
erupts as one last defender
shouts triumph
the day’s long slumber, over.
Night awakes to her feasting form.

Crimson devoured
ochre eaten
vermillion carefully prepped and supped.

Hearth heart gold,
flickers, flickers, flickers,

still awake
momma and babe.
Her soft ink cloak thrown over their heads.
Held in tender darkness,
Morning breathes in russet, ruby, carnelian, amber, ember, remember, ever, every, early, morning, held, momma, baby, baby, mommy, mine, mine, hold me, hold you, love you, love.


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