Muck digging

Looking back it can be easy to see where we could have done better, been wiser, chose better. Sifting through the dross of personal experience is only helpful with a compassionate approach.

The main thing to contemplate is that the past version of you, is not you. You may as well be examining the actions of a different person. Every experience changes us in some way. These changes have more to do with the magnitude of the personal event, than with the time that has elapsed.

Without those mucky times, could you have learned what new, better choice to make? Maybe. Maybe not. For me, not.

I have a talent for floundering about, half-fledged hatchling-style, then, a shift, and soar, I’m gone. Moments. These are the spaces of change in my life. Brief flashes and glimmers preceded the firework explosions. Uh oh, Katy Perry song… I’ll leave it there.

Mmm. Muck. Lotus soil. The fertile ground of transformation.


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