I heard an author, I think it was Cheryl Richardson, say that everyone needs to identify their five top priorities in life. When opportunities and offers and requests come along, you can look at your five priorities are and base your decision on how close the activity is to fulfilling one or more of your top priorities. A great guide for learning to say no appropriately.

My five are not activities as much as feeling states. They are: Joy; Peace; Teaching; Learning; and Alignment. If what I am doing is not one of those things then I need to make a different choice.

I had the amazing opportunity tonight to fulfill all five of my priorities at once. I’m buzzing. I thought I would be exhausted after a full day of work and a full night of teaching, but I’m not. I’m buzzing. I love it.

I say more of this Universe!!

How wonderful to arrive at a place where every activity has opportunities to feel joy, to be peace, to learn, to teach, to be so easy and flowing. I’m on my way.

So I buzz, buzz, buzz with the ride this hummingbird is on. Love it. 🙂


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  1. lysandra08
    May 03, 2012 @ 16:02:48

    I was buzzing too – so many ideas and thoughts and comfort and love! What a great night – you are truly a great teacher and facilitator 🙂


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