Going and Flowing

I have been playing around with action and intent for the past few days. I have been incredibly productive the last few days, which has largely been through focused action on my part. Going into last week, I knew I had more work to do than there were hours in the day. I had two options, 1) freak out and ulcer my way through it, gripped by panic at every break, or 2) start each day with a meditation, follow my impulses faithfully, allow my work to be simultaneous and fluid, basically flow. I chose 2.

The outcome was great. I got a bunch done and though tired, I was not a bundle of nerves by the end. The funny thing was for me that when the pressure eases, I find it easy to slide back into the worry train. It is that head/heart battle. My heart has rest, my brain says go! “Surely, action is needed:, says brain. “Nope.”, returns heart, “Not the right time, now you sit.”

My heart is always right though. A few minutes of sitting peacefully drinking tea, letting the task go, my solution sailed right on through and into my silent mind. Had I pushed forward, and forced the task ahead, it would have been wrong. Off. Not quite. Now, it is perfect. Or pretty darn close. Heart is smart!


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