My great life

As I relax into loving the life I’m living, I find more to love. Each day brings thousands of blessings, reminders, synchronicities.

Allowing it all to be great. To get prepared for the endless greatness before me, on it’s way to me, that is my job now. To get out of my way, to hold nothing back, to live and be honest. Flowing with the beauty of life. Letting my beauty shine. Wild abandon.

Throwing my heart over the bar, and knowing that all else will follow. Moving so fast that my dreams rewrite themselves as I sleep, realizing that they too must keep up with this new territory.

New territory. I’m an explorer. I wanted to sail on ships and draw creatures and conclusions. Post filled. Next. Settling for second, almosts, not quite. Not likely. I explore. I move. I live and dream through my senses that must be kept sharpened by the blade of fresh air as it swirls past my cheek.

Step lively. There is life ahead. There is living. And all of it is not done, will never be done, not done. One unfinished story after another. But I will not leave my ancestry guessing, I will write my life upon the fresh page that I stand in. Stepping forward, toward…



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