People power = Voting

I love voting. Many people from North America are not thrilled with the prospect of waiting in line to mark a ballot. Voter turnouts are considered good if they are over 40%. So lame. Where are the other 60%? Is it really “majority rules” when you don’t have 50% voting? I don’t think so.

There are many possible reasons why people don’t vote, but the one that sticks out is feeling that your vote doesn’t matter. After all, there are thousands of other people in your area, they can do it for you. But that is not the way it works. Even if ‘your guy’ doesn’t get elected, every vote is counted and is registered in the minds of the politicians that do get elected.

I cannot imagine a person running for office soon forgetting sweating out their election night. The exhilaration of winning would always be tinged with the real understanding that a significant number of people voted for someone else. I live in a multiple party system so the total votes against an elected person tend to be more than the votes that got them in. That registers.

Voting is also a delicious act of rebellion. The possibility of a complete change of power in government is exciting. This is change that not one person had to die for, no one had to picket, no one had to be escorted to the polls to remain safe. The worst thing that could happen in our system is that you get stuck in the line with the slowest volunteer and have to wait a bit for the ballot. Sheesh!

It does not start at the repeat of a gun.
It whispers in on shuffling shoe steps.
The careful scrape of paper on box edge.
The wait, the count, the wait, the count.
Poised on pencil edge.


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