Shadow and light, goodnight

I rhyme. Well, at least some of the time. At first, when I started, I found it really hard. It just took a bit of time, and now I can’t stop. 😀

Well I can of course, stop rhyming. But should I? It is surprisingly difficult to form complex rhymes that are more creative than cat, bat, hat, sat. Right now I think spontaneously in rhyme. It is weird.

The rhyming is one thing, but it is not consistent. It is stopping, starting, halting, like the wheels of a bike hitting mud. A rhythm forms and breaks, hitting the brakes I fly over the handle bars, and splat!

At this point I’m not sure if I want it to stop or start. Or just continue and hold on for the staccato ride. I do have immense compassion for Seuss; he must have had rhymes swimming through his head all day long. Fun, but difficult to have an adult-sized conversation.

Or perhaps not an affliction
More like and addiction
To the sing song of words
The love of the worlds.
The resonance
Of your consonants
Make my vowels
Wet their pants.

Ah ha hee ha ha

I’m done.

Cockney time
Goodbye rhyme.

Mmm maybe one more time. 😉


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