Describe a perfect day

Question 4 of 10 of my questions to get to know a person.

Describe a perfect day.

My perfect day would start with a blue sky. I would wake up relaxed and rested. I would spend a few minutes looking out the window at the trees outside before getting out of bed. The house is quiet and everyone is still sleeping. I have a nice, long shower after a few sun salutations.

My husband and son begin to wake up as I move around. I make coffee and breakfast (probably eggs or French toast) and everyone is ready to eat by the time the food is ready.

We have something fun planned for the day. I’m not sure what it might be. It could be exploring the place we are visiting, or going to the science centre or the farmers market, or going on a car trip to the mountains. Whatever we are doing, the main thing is that it is fun for all of us, we spend at least part of the day out in the sunshine, and we are going somewhere with the spirit of adventure. There is something to look forward to in this part of my day, which is likely why I don’t have it planned. It is a journey.

I recognize as well that this could be a normal day too, where I go to work, on people’s feet! Always an adventure there. Or maybe I’m going to an inspirational lecture and my son and husband are off doing their own fun day. The possibilities are endless. But the sun is shining in all of them. 🙂

While we are out for the day we have lunch at a great family-run, local restaurant. I might have something I have never had before, or I might have the same thing I order everytime I go. Either way, the food and service are amazing and we all leave feeling happily fed.

At the end of our excursion, we arrive back home and we have a few minutes to relax before starting dinner. My husband and I make dinner together while our son blissfully plays. We have a lovely meal together sitting at the table, outside on the balcony of wherever we are staying. A delicious glass of red wine accompanies the meal.

Dishes and tidying up are done together while we chat about something we learned or a philosophical question that we find interesting. Discussion flows effortlessly around the rhythm of our evening.

Bedtime for our son is fun and easy. He had such a fun day that he is almost asleep before his head hits the pillow. Only time for one story. Ok, maybe one more.

My husband and I settle into our time for ourselves. Either continuing our conversation or setting to work on something that fuels us. I seem to keep seeing a laptop in front of me, so blogging has now officially joined my list of what makes a perfect day. But I might also be knitting or crafting or reading tarot cards or talking to a friend. Whatever I’m doing, it makes me feel content and energized at the same time. Restful awareness.

Before sleep, I spend sometime meditating. I give thanks. I might write a bit more. I spend some time recognizing what a blessed life I am leading. Gratitude for dreams materializing into reality. Gratitude for new wants and wishes. Gratitude for all the hard days that make a perfect day so memorable.

That is my perfect day. What is yours?


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