Easy times

What if life could be easy? No struggle. Just… Ease. Imagine if that was true. What if everything was just so incredibly easy? What a shift of thought. A huge break from bragging about how busy we are or how much we have yet to do.

Perhaps we make everything harder than it needs to be, just by thinking it has to be difficult. Suffering is a mental condition, not an external event. Could we just choose not to suffer? If we control our thoughts, then all that is stopping us is habit, mental habits. Habitual thoughts that drag us down and look for things going wrong, instead of right.

Maybe, stop. Ask the question –
How could I do this the easy way? Can I be easy about this? Could this be what changes everything?


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  1. Kelsey
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 06:36:05

    I attended a seminar called Top 1% Canada last year. At the lunch break, a few of us wanted to ask the presenters some questions. One guy started: “I know you’re busy, but …” The presenter interrupted him: “I am NOT busy!” he said indignantly. “And don’t presume I am. I make my life very easy. I don’t get caught up in busyness.”
    This guy was presumably a millionaire, and he hinted that he did it without being “busy”. This has always stuck with me. You’re right – life should be easy – the best things in life are!


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