Letting happiness catch me

There are times
If I just slow down long enough
I feel a creeping
A tingle
A tickle
A happy sensation warm me cell by cell.

My rushing
My burdensome
My grown-up grieving
And heaving my way
Through day after day.

I forget
The carefree ease
Of childhood days
Warmed by ladybug conversations
And hopscotch chalkdust.

When I slow my pace
And breathe
And share
And craft
And tickle
I remember
What happy feels like.

Standing in the sun today
I was slammed into by
An unexpected wave of happiness.
It threatens, now
to take over my
Waking days
And peacefilled sleep
Until all I see
Are roses and buttercups
Tiny elevators
And toy trucks.

What will become of me
When happy is a part of me?
Not some far flung
Exotic adventure

I will be
Like the bee
On the tree
Just me


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