Be positive. Blah!

I would say that I am usually a fairly positive person. An annoyingly happy person actually. So it is a bit unusual for me to get to place where I find it nearly impossible to turn a negative situation around and see the silver lining. Except for today.

My dear little son was feeling under the weather, unknown to us, and I became the impromptu splash zone for the puke. To top it off we were out at a favorite restaurant. I did my very best to stay calm at the time so my little guy wouldn’t become more upset than he already was, but I’m not sure if I could really hide how upset I was.

It is upsetting enough to have a kid that is sick (helpless), but also to be out for dinner to celebrate my husband’s birthday and not get to share desert (disappointed), and to be just at the tail end of several family emergencies (grief, fear, helpless), and to be in a public place (helpless, embarrassed). Well, I am human. It sucked. Big time.

It is tough to look on the bright side when you are dripping with puke. Even hours later I am having a tough go turning this gross experience into a learning experience.

So here is what I am grateful for out of all that:
• a son who is already bouncing back (he wanted to play games right after)
• the relief of knowing that he is not seriously ill (no fever)
• having a husband that was calm when I was not
• having a husband who pitches in and shares the clean up duties
• the odd comfort of having been through worse and having a system in place for dealing with a sick kid (not feeling confused and lost)
• essential oils
• being clean and dry and smelling nice smells
• having homemade rice pudding as dessert
• the written word as therapy
• feeling better already
• feeling that it wasn’t so bad in the grand scheme of things
• knowing that my son only says no to peanut butter just before he spews (prepared)
• hoping someone somewhere is laughing as they read this
• knowing that someday I will find this amusing too
• having a huge increase in compassion for anyone in a similar situation
• most of all grateful that my son was cheerful after he got it all out. “It’s okay. Accidents happen.” And that I have an amazing puke cleaning husband who stands by me through everything. 🙂

I did it! I got a positive attitude just through gratitude and appreciation. Yes!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kelsey
    Apr 04, 2012 @ 06:31:29

    I laughed at the “prepared” line. Eden says “I have bees in my throat!” before she pukes.
    We had a similarly frustrating experience when Eden was potty training – on Valentine’s Day at BP’s – six trips back and forth to the can and we still didn’t make it. 😦
    Sorry for your experience! One day you will laugh. Maybe. 😉


  2. lysandra08
    Apr 04, 2012 @ 09:01:05

    Not only will you laugh, but you have a great story to embarrass him with later in his life! (Roxanne)


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