YOP!! That one last yop put it over the top!!

Teaching the youngster to feed

Teaching the youngster to feed (Photo credit: foxypar4)

I am here! I am here! I am here!

In the past few weeks I have had the experience of invisibility. In traffic, in line ups, walking down the street, people seem to not notice me. I have not had any huge mishaps or accidents, but I find it more than a little strange, since I drive a bright yellow car and I am usually chasing after my (almost) four year old. It is all interesting timing as the date of my first mind-body health workshop fast approaches.

A shift happened when I put together the sneaky code the universe uses to tell us the content of our thoughts. This metaphorical universe is wise. “Feeling invisible? Here try being invisible!” Of course, I am very much made of matter, and what a funny joke it all is. I had to ask myself, am I ready to be seen? Am I really ready for all that I have been asking for?

Mmmostly. For a long time, a very tentative “mostly” was all I could muster. But, today, driving my bright yellow car, I thought “YOP!” Was every who in whoville shouting? No, they were not! So I cheered up my internal sherker and shouted YOP! I am ready to be seen. I am ready to live and experience all of my wishes. Ready to give and show up fully for the people who are asking for me.

I am a great teacher. I read a lot. Constantly. If you need a book, or an answer, or a place to get started, I will find it. Or at least try my best. Or at least send you home with more questions to ponder. I love figuring things out. I see connections most people don’t. I have a brain trained in science , but a heart full of poems, and hands that heal. I love people, plants, crystals, music, writing, bugs, birds, and the planet with equal passion and enthusiasm.

I learn. I heal. I teach. You learn. You heal. You teach. This is the cycle. Transformation always occurs by a magical process from within. Within each person are all the resources needed to manifest everything they have always wanted. I show people their own brilliance and stand back and let them change, heal, grow.





Skip, trip, slip
Slipping and

A rocking rolling
Forward momentum
That ends in a sudden spin.

Which way am I facing?

Up and pivot
North tip to north
Tip tip tap dancing
Into the next scene.

Where was I?


Perhaps when my feet catch up with my mind,
scenery will change.

Till then
Tip tap trip

My great life

As I relax into loving the life I’m living, I find more to love. Each day brings thousands of blessings, reminders, synchronicities.

Allowing it all to be great. To get prepared for the endless greatness before me, on it’s way to me, that is my job now. To get out of my way, to hold nothing back, to live and be honest. Flowing with the beauty of life. Letting my beauty shine. Wild abandon.

Throwing my heart over the bar, and knowing that all else will follow. Moving so fast that my dreams rewrite themselves as I sleep, realizing that they too must keep up with this new territory.

New territory. I’m an explorer. I wanted to sail on ships and draw creatures and conclusions. Post filled. Next. Settling for second, almosts, not quite. Not likely. I explore. I move. I live and dream through my senses that must be kept sharpened by the blade of fresh air as it swirls past my cheek.

Step lively. There is life ahead. There is living. And all of it is not done, will never be done, not done. One unfinished story after another. But I will not leave my ancestry guessing, I will write my life upon the fresh page that I stand in. Stepping forward, toward…


One more hug

Whisked and whirled
My hair wraps itself
In spirals held by the wind’s grasp.

Tendrils like tree roots
Mighty tree roots fall around my shoulders holding my head up to see
Ground eye level.

As I walk and talk, do they know I’m a tree stump?
Wading through the Yielding soil
I have no missing parts.

A once tall tree now toppled.
Me, not me.
I am the old resilient part
The part not toppled
But held.
Fast to the soul and soil
I remain.


I did not realize
I held my breath
Until the news
Washed over me.

Singing sigh of spring birds.
Whispered revelation of ocean to beach.
Building, budding bursting of dew trickling and tickling down the newborn leaf.

This shared exhale
Lightens, lightens, lightens
Hearts held enraptured,
Unfold at last.


My head floats down and lands in my waiting pillow. Softly cradling my cargo. Bubble wrapped dreams wait in line to be stamped and sent and sent into their sublime time to shine. Shine.

As I ponder the webbing in my hands wondering how much faster I could swim with my swirling, parkade pacing of my car in the spot. dream. Yes. Dream. Ninjas are stealthy, but my dreams, Ahhh yes, wealthy.


Spring rains wake up my nose and remind my busy mind to breathe… all… the… way… in. Ahhh!

Sunny giggles at monster playtime creeping around corners ready to pounce on a tiny belly.

Playful banter and joyful planning over a shared meal, and a kiss.

Pink socks hug my cold toes and encourage them to get back to their wiggling.

A sticky mat that holds the pose and gently beckons heels to touch, just so.

Meowing fluffy bird who grinds up a happy noise.

A pillow that kisses my head just as I fall… Asleep. 🙂

People power = Voting

I love voting. Many people from North America are not thrilled with the prospect of waiting in line to mark a ballot. Voter turnouts are considered good if they are over 40%. So lame. Where are the other 60%? Is it really “majority rules” when you don’t have 50% voting? I don’t think so.

There are many possible reasons why people don’t vote, but the one that sticks out is feeling that your vote doesn’t matter. After all, there are thousands of other people in your area, they can do it for you. But that is not the way it works. Even if ‘your guy’ doesn’t get elected, every vote is counted and is registered in the minds of the politicians that do get elected.

I cannot imagine a person running for office soon forgetting sweating out their election night. The exhilaration of winning would always be tinged with the real understanding that a significant number of people voted for someone else. I live in a multiple party system so the total votes against an elected person tend to be more than the votes that got them in. That registers.

Voting is also a delicious act of rebellion. The possibility of a complete change of power in government is exciting. This is change that not one person had to die for, no one had to picket, no one had to be escorted to the polls to remain safe. The worst thing that could happen in our system is that you get stuck in the line with the slowest volunteer and have to wait a bit for the ballot. Sheesh!

It does not start at the repeat of a gun.
It whispers in on shuffling shoe steps.
The careful scrape of paper on box edge.
The wait, the count, the wait, the count.
Poised on pencil edge.


There is an odd scraping sound on the bottom of my shoes, as I stand in one place and the earth shudders and spins beneath me. Life is whisking me forward, spinning me toward, the next phase.

A shift, as they say, is on the horizon. And yet, here I stand, motionless. Moving, but not moving. Everything has changed, but nothing has changed. It is the hot, sticky, sullen sky before lightning breaks and wakes the half-sleepers. Drawing them to the window to peer at the new landscape, fresh turned soil.


The sun glinting off of race cars on the first spring spin • the first beer on the balcony with my love • walking with teddy bears • love and gratitude • spring sun.

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