Making Patterns

I have always been intrigued by patterns. In sewing, the pattern pieces look nothing like the final project. Odd jigjagging pieces somehow transform themselves into sleeves and pants. Knitting patterns are similar. An encoded language that requires keen deciphering to create sweaters and mittens.

Yet with all patterns the wisdom can be unlocked with training and practice. Creating the pattern, however, is a skill closer to writing. It is pure creativity. Working within a structure and creating something altogether new. Challenging, yes. But also immensely satisfying.

The iterative process when creating a knitting pattern seems to be an accepted part of the process. You try it one way and then another. Stopping, starting, unravelling and starting again. It requires persistence.

In writing, we can easily get caught up in trying to make the first draft a masterpiece. But writing is more of a craft than anything else. It needs to be practiced, over and over. Persistence is key. And also loving the process itself.

When I knit, I love the sensation of it. The feel of the wool, the rhythm of the needles, the careful counting, the slowly lengthening work. There is a satisfaction in each tiny loop, one closer to completion. The tiny steps are all marked off and row by row, the project gets done.

Writing a longer work is much the same. Tiny little steps. Each word a little loop that carries you along. Every idea and image captured is a tiny victory. Slowly the work takes shape. The satisfaction of crafting.


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