A key practice in Buddhism is to contemplate the impermanence of the world. The idea is to derive happiness from within, rather from something or someone external. If you rely to heavily on others for happiness, then when they are gone you suffer. As you let go of attachments to the world of form, you are supposed to get more and more happy. Enlightened.

This has always made sense to me when thinking about material objects. It is all just stuff that you can’t take with you. Letting go of people is altogether different. It makes no sense to me that I should have to let anyone I love go after they pass away. I understand needing to let go of their physical presence. While difficult, that is something I can accept in time. I used to have difficulty understanding why you would need to let go of the love. Now I know I had it all wrong. Love is eternal, loved ones are eternal, fond memories are eternal. There is no need to let go of permanent things like that.

I can hold them in my mind. They stay in my heart. I recognize their eternal presence everywhere I look. And when I focus on them being present, eternal and vibrant, I no longer suffer.

Just because I cannot see you does not mean you are not there.


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