Grandma says…

I could fill a book, or several, with all the wise things my Grandma taught me. She had an uncanny knack for knowing how to take care of people. She could listen to an entire evening’s conversation and sum it all up with one pithy, usually hilarious, statement.

She lived in the moment and spent her life nurturing and nourishing others, usually doing both at the same time. She has passed on now, but I feel her presence often. And, really, how could I not, she was at the centre of everything in my family and made you feel loved just being next to her. She is everywhere I look.

I often wondered how she kept up with all the demands on her time and energy, with a bunch of kids and neighbors kids and farm hands and church functions and cows to be milked and chickens to be fed. Yet she just sailed through it. I never heard her complain; at least not about all the work. She wasn’t too pleased if any of her clan were fighting or being boorish.

She lived within the rhythm of daily life. I can see now, how she just flowed with the stream and everything somehow got done each day, the important things. “Nature does not rush, yet everything is accomplished.” That quote is Lao Tzu, a spiritual master who lived over 2,500 years ago, but quite accurately describes my Grandma.

So, advice for living, from what I learned from my Grandma:

• Place people above things. The people in your life are important. After you are gone, they are what is left. Leave a good impression.

• Do what you can now. This moment is your only chance to change anything. You cannot change the past, you cannot live in the future. This tick tock is all you’ve got. Make it a good one.

• Love is what is important. Love what you are doing or do something different. Don’t waste time on complaining about something you can change. Don’t waste your time complaining about something you can’t change.

• You can’t change other people, but you can love them anyway. People are this wild and wonderful bunch of creatures who chase madly after things that are bound to make them unhappy. Love them anyway. Everyone is someone’s baby. Love that baby.

• Knowledge talks, Wisdom listens. Listen.

• Take every chance you can to enjoy life as it happens. You can never count on being able to see clearly, or hear well in your old age. In fact, no one is guaranteed an old age, so don’t save all the fun for retirement. Love your life as it is with all the unpaid bills, messy diapers, stacks of laundry, and dinner to be made. That is what life is, a series of unfinished tasks. Don’t get so busy trying to ‘get it all done’ that you forget to have a good time along the way. You won’t get it all done, till you are done for. Enjoy your joy.


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  1. dimitiekendall
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 19:01:30

    What a wise soul your grandmother was and that she passed on all that wonderful wisdom to you. Now that’s a legacy!


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