A life of purpose

Facing mortality has a way of focusing a person pretty quickly. It makes you think about how you are contributing to the world and what kind of legacy you will leave behind. It is all too clear to me that it makes very little sense to spend too much time on things that drain energy. While stopping the activities that are out of alignment is good, an even more effective way of living a purposeful life is to begin activities that make your heart sing.

Too often we wait until conditions are just right to start moving forward with our dreams. We wait until the economy is better, or we can quit our jobs, or we have support, or we won’t upset anyone with a big change. But we can start living our dreams right from where we are right now. Even just five minutes a day of doing something you love can change your life. Even just spending five minutes dreaming of how things could be will start the ball rolling.

Life is just incredibly short and fairly unpredictable. By believing in yourself and your dreams you not only change yourself, you can change the whole world. The world needs your talent, your creativity, your ideas, right now. Share. Please.



I missed writing a post yesterday. The first one since October, when I started the postaday challenge. I am going to write two posts today to even it all out.

It seems like the string of bad news has just kept rolling and I feel flattened by it. I am going to do what a dear friend of mine said and be gentle with myself.

I keep writing and keep this promise to myself because it nourishes me. I have the feeling of writing myself out of this sadness. It helps me put everything into perspective and keep on living life.

One tiny baby step at a time, I will get through this.

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