Women Spinning in Fondi

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Start at the beginning.
Stay focused.

Focused on the good and beautiful people that surround me now.
And… really… have surrounded me always. These strong, feisty women are always around.
My network, my hive. Honey. Honeybees working together in sisterhood to build a sweet, sweet life. To dance, to sing, to rock little babies, and to hold old hands.

We look in each others eyes and see all our beauty and wisdom reflected back to us. These sparkling eyes everywhere I look.
They hold a twinkle, a glimmer of curiosity, creativity… of Life.

We share tea, share our stories, our sorrows and joys.
We lean on our structure, our shelter, and we are supported
through times of great shift and slide.
Change that spins your mind sideways and upside down.

And where it all stops. Spinning, spin, spin, spinning.
When it makes sense again,
we awake to ourselves,
stronger, more beautiful, more loving
than we knew we could be.


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