The magic of children

My son is an amazing little person. He is the best teacher for staying in the present moment. Even though I am working my way through the grief of a sudden passing of someone I love, he is so focused on having fun that I don’t stay stuck for long. Children are a miracle.

Play time is all the time. There is no set limit on how much fun you can have in any moment. Kids have a wonderful way of naturally having fun wherever they might be. Everyday objects are toys, like my cool pen that is nicknamed ‘the racecar pen’, or how any triangular object is naturally an airplane.

Being able to see the joy that life has to offer is the gift of living with small kids. All those precious moments are not to be wasted, but lived fully with complete awareness. All of these lessons are highlighted by the stark reality that we never know how many moments we will have. So even though these last few days have been terribly sad, I am constantly reminded that life is for living, for savoring, for enjoying. My little teacher makes sure I see it.


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