A force of nature

She is a force of nature.
Full and regal as the wind swept beach.
Gentle and soft as newborn dew.
She is the light that kisses tear stained cheeks.
She is the swirl and spiral of campfire smoke in the evening breeze.

She is a force of nature.
Never underestimate the strength of her love
Or the power of her fury.
She is no weak thing.
Her spirit soars on crested wings and silver goblets
On fine wine, fine linen, and fine company.

It is she that makes the earth quake when she stamps her foot.
And she who puts the stars in the skies to be reflected in your eyes.

And all of us
Just watch her
Try to keep up with her
Hoping to follow her
To live a BIG life
With BIG dreams
Follow our grand plan and our grand schemes.
And now she watches and waits and cheers.
How she wishes she could dry all those tears.

But she is a force of nature.
You cannot contain her.
But, if you please,
You live as she lived.
Free and with ease.
She lived as she pleased.
And in the whirl and romp of a grand, big, beautiful life
She pleased us all too.

So live as you please.
Buy the big bouquet,
Get the best five star,
Live off your fine china,
And follow your own bright star.
this life,
live it with no limit.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kelsey
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 11:19:33

    That’s awesome, Geneva … Have you shared with Richard, or not yet?


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