Unique and Beautiful

I would make it rain love.
Then, every drop would be a reminder.
The supply is unlimited when you go to the source.

Just go looking.
In the place where the last
external echo fades.
Look there.

Silent stillness
quiet witness
in the i before the e
there has got to be me
Not wierd but weird.

It is weird to think that of
all the snowflakes
the world has crafted,
there could be two
or a few
the same.

Think of it.

No more lonely snowflakes.
Now the world
snowflake families.

Maybe not a rain of love.
Maybe a brilliant white snow,
a full family, snowflake family
so beautiful
that it makes the tired and cynical and weary
and stare into the heavens
Just to let the wonder
kiss their cheeks.



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