Reflexology – Neck

I was recently reminded where the reflex for the seventh cervical vertebrae is when I kicked my laundry basket in the middle of the night. 😛  Whenever seemingly random injuries happen, I always look a little deeper to discover what the meaning might be. I got a tiny cut on the side of my big toe, exactly where the reflex is for C7, the vertebrae at the base of the neck, just above the shoulders.

I find it all a little funny, since I injured myself the night after I wrote this blog post about the fear of moving forward with my writing. The neck rules communication and self-expression. C7 in particular is related to feeling safe to be yourself. The message for me was loud and clear: if I don’t move forward with writing and expanding my readership, I will kick myself. Too funny.

I just love how connected the body is to the deeper workings of the mind. I love being able to read it all in the feet. That is really a big part of what I do, I see the connections between the physical expressions of disease in the body and the events and dis-eases of the emotions and mind. It is a fascinating interconnected system, our body-minds.




Have a question about reflexology? Wondering what your body is trying to tell you? Send me an email at and I will help you sort it out. 🙂


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