Lucky Woman

Five years ago today, I met the man I was going to marry. He was an amazing manifestation. I had written a list of what I wanted in a partner and he was, and is, every one of those qualities. What is more, when I wrote the list of what I wanted, I made sure that I had those same qualities. Meeting him was effortless.

It worked. I am very happily married to a man that is not perfect, but perfect for me. I am grateful everyday that this amazing person is in my life.

Tonight we did an emergency home repair to replace a cracked toilet. Ah, the magic never stops! 😉 Seriously though, it is moments like these when we pull together as a team and work through our challenges that really make me appreciate what I’ve got. We get through these bumps by having humor, teamwork, and a focus on gratitude.

My husband and I play what we call The Gratitude Game every time we have a challenge in life. We take turns listing off what we are grateful for about the situation and our lives. It works wonders when life goes sideways.

I am a very lucky woman.


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