Following bread crumbs

I’ve been running an experiment lately. I spend the day listening to my spirit. I practice tuning in and I listen to the guidance within. I most often do this when faced with a decision, like whether to have toast or cereal, or which route to take in my car, or when to leave and when to stay. Every tiny decision I practice listening, not to my brain, but to my heart. I often get a sense of heaviness or inertia in my body for one option and a lightness or ease for the other option.

It has been interesting. The main thing I have noticed is that my inner being always has an opinion even if I do not and the decision is a trivial one. Even more, there are times when my logic wins out and I follow my brain, only to struggle my way through what ever I wanted to do. Think of a fly hitting it’s head on a pane of glass. It can be a bit unsettling to let your heart take over when your brain is used to running the show. Though, so far my heart has never been wrong.


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