Ocean in me

The water swirls in spirals in my ear.
Colorful windmills dance
behind my eyelids
As I turn my head toward the sun.
Turning like a tall flower
I let the sunlight fall through me.
I sink further into the stream
And float.

Carried by the soft current
I know they got it wrong.
Water doesn’t flow downhill.
It is pulled.
Pulled by Mama Ocean.
She tugs every last drop.
She reminds every molecule
“You are not tiny, you are Me.”

I felt that tug.
I felt that tug to return home.
I heard her whisper in my ear.
I imagined blissfully floating
A thousand kilometers back to her.
Just let her call to me be answered.

But I heard a voice from the bank call
“Are you there?”
And I found – I was.
Both There and here.
Here I am.


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