Remote Control

Kicking Television

Image by dhammza via Flickr

Tiny buttons
lined up so orderly
to access the line up.

Why do you remind me of a trap?
The cheese, the snap,
the sudden squeeze.

Adrenaline marches into my living room
transfixed by stories lived and told
through other eyes
other lives.

How often do you see
people watching TV on TV?
people watching people
watching people watching

Watch out!
It is way too far to tumble
through that blank screen
into a blank stare.

Held fast in an icy grip,
my fingers twitch and tingle.
Gone numb
from the clutching
at other people having
a better time than me.

A fantasy served up on a tiny platter.

Slowly, I wiggle a finger free,            TYPE
another,                                                     type
another,                                                    Type, TYPE
another,                                                     type, Type, TAP
and at last,
I write my own
life into reality.


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