What is something that most people get wrong about you?

I have a challenge to create ten questions to get to know a person, really know them. Here is the first one:
What is something about you that most people get wrong?

My answer: people often think that they know me based on knowing the label they put to me. When people get to know me in one way, they often assume that they know me and can accurately predict what I like, how I think, and the way I feel. Most of the time, they are wrong. If I should happen to be labelled as ‘young’ then it surprises them when I have led a full life with many experiences. If I get labelled as ‘analytical’ then they are surprised when they learn about my mystical side. If I get labelled as a ‘Leo’, they are surprised when I am shy.
The interesting thing is that they are not wrong in the label, because I am often those things; it is that I am more than the narrow labels they apply. Perhaps this is not a unique experience, and other people have the feeling that many people do not know them very well. I have wondered if this experience has something to do with me or how I communicate. More and more, though I am thinking that this is just a natural result of how people remember details about someone, it is much easier to remember a label for a group of behaviors than to remember a bunch of separate details. People quickly become defined by their labels “mother”, “scientist”, “writer”, but is that all they are? No. They are more. I am more.

It used to bother me that many people didn’t seem to know the real me, but now I am just fascinated by how something like this happens. I’m even more curious to see how many other people feel, or have felt the same way. I can also see how having this experience has made me a better holistic practitioner. I know that people are much more then their labels. In fact people are so complex and wonderful, they cannot be labeled to be known.


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