Following bread crumbs

I’ve been running an experiment lately. I spend the day listening to my spirit. I practice tuning in and I listen to the guidance within. I most often do this when faced with a decision, like whether to have toast or cereal, or which route to take in my car, or when to leave and when to stay. Every tiny decision I practice listening, not to my brain, but to my heart. I often get a sense of heaviness or inertia in my body for one option and a lightness or ease for the other option.

It has been interesting. The main thing I have noticed is that my inner being always has an opinion even if I do not and the decision is a trivial one. Even more, there are times when my logic wins out and I follow my brain, only to struggle my way through what ever I wanted to do. Think of a fly hitting it’s head on a pane of glass. It can be a bit unsettling to let your heart take over when your brain is used to running the show. Though, so far my heart has never been wrong.



How often do we cling to past hurts? Mulling things over and over? It is a fast track to nowhere. But it is a hugely powerful act to forgive, ourselves and others. Part of that letting go is opening up, and in that opening we step forward into the life we want.

Ocean in me

The water swirls in spirals in my ear.
Colorful windmills dance
behind my eyelids
As I turn my head toward the sun.
Turning like a tall flower
I let the sunlight fall through me.
I sink further into the stream
And float.

Carried by the soft current
I know they got it wrong.
Water doesn’t flow downhill.
It is pulled.
Pulled by Mama Ocean.
She tugs every last drop.
She reminds every molecule
“You are not tiny, you are Me.”

I felt that tug.
I felt that tug to return home.
I heard her whisper in my ear.
I imagined blissfully floating
A thousand kilometers back to her.
Just let her call to me be answered.

But I heard a voice from the bank call
“Are you there?”
And I found – I was.
Both There and here.
Here I am.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

The tiny details used to
Clutch at the corners of my brain.
Must keep track, keep it together, keep it going, keep it all in.
Then. Slowly. Tiny tendrils of inspiration wrapped their vibrant green around my days and nights and days and nights.
The rhythm of routine drumming her steady love into the dusty corners of my mind. Singing me all the way from Sunday to Sunday.
The goddess of appreciation weaves herself in. In between baskets of laundry, bills, and bedtime, she stands within and shines.

Let it be

I live where the wild roses grow.
Natural petals circle the heart in their simplicity.
Open and exposed, the prairie wind sweeps her harsh fingers through my hair.
Sudden icy chill cracks open before the long scythe of the chinook arch.
The land shapes the people in her image.
No time for frivolity when the arctic breathes her sigh down the back of your neck.
Huddled inward, her people blossom at the first touch of sun.
The promise of sun soaked sprawling patio days keep her wanderers here.
Revelry in the blissful fragrance that invites her wildness into the heart.



Or perhaps it is microtoast. 🙂

Spring sleeps

Soft murmurs of green
Dormant under old snow
Whisper to each other
Like old lovers.

Don’t tell me
That same tired story.
I want to hear about
Joyous new moments
Of rain caressing leaves,
Of the breathlessness of bees,
Of the warm deep roots of trees.

Keep buzzing forward
Toward the new spring.

But don’t rush.

Let me savor the long slow wait.
So that I can warm each cell
By the sun of your words.


It is going to be sooooo good.

Waiting to be happy

Waiting to be happy is like waiting to breathe, pointless and hazardous. Happiness is focus. It is a result of an internal shift of perception.

Loop and spiral

Writing with a pen.
So savory
When rigid keys poke back.
It is nice to know I can curve myself,
Curl myself
Into cursive.
Loop & spiral
Circle the page.
Dance across the thoughts
As they rush down the accurate tip
Of my friendly pen.

Surfing creativity

Surf foam nibbles at my feet
Begging me to wade in deeper.
The rise and ride of the ocean
Hypnotizes my sense of direction.
The steady roll of waves
Playfully turn me toward myself.
Tumbled inward
I drift
To my

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