Making People Happy 101

English: Classroom in SIM University.
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The first thing to know in this class is that you will fail it. Sorry.You have signed up for a semester of learning pleasing conversation, wearing fashionable clothes and picking that perfect gift. All of which will do diddly squat. Yes. I said diddly.

You could have taken a class in something useful, like Spanish, or mind expanding, like Physics, or even just plain fun, like Painting. Instead, you are here, in this dingy classroom, sitting in a chipped desk, under the only fluorescent bulb that is flicking. Thumbs up.

Perhaps you may learn something in this class that could help you yet. Maybe you could learn to make only one person happy. Pick someone close to you. No. closer. Yes, that’s right. You.

If I had renamed this class Making Yourself Happy 101, you might have had a chance of passing. Except, if you stuck around to get a grade then you would fail. Nice choice.

So do yourself a favor, drop this class. Pick another. Take training in something that means something special to you. Travel to wonderful places. Hey, you could even just go get a nice coffee from a local shop and sit there sipping from an actual mug; and not letting your seat go a moment before you are finished (even if you are getting the hover/glare from other patrons). Just do anything, other than this. Then, you would have made just one important person happy, YOU.


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